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Friday, May 17, 2013

How my Bulging Tummy Saved my Face

MRT is the fastest and cheapest way for me to get home.   I take the train every single day.  Lakad…akyat…takbo…siksik!  Well, I choose to live here in the Metro so I must bear with it.  Actually, I’m used to it na and I’m used to MRT peeps.  Minsan lang nakakairita…most of the time nakakatawa sila at ako din pala.

The other night, I was lucky na nakaupo ako.  If you’re a train passenger, you know that it’s a rare occasion.   Pagdating ng Cubao,siksikan na. I didn’t mind. Nakaupo ako eh.  I closed my eyes and pretended to be in a karwahe.   Then,  I heard “Ayala Station.”  Uy, malapit na. When I opened my eyes, a middle-aged woman was staring at me.   She said in a nakakairita way: “Hay naku! May mga tao talagang pusong bato!” And the other woman said “Kakarmahin din yan. Dadating ang panahon, magdadala din yan ng bata sa MRT.”  That woman was carrying a toddler pala. Sorry naman, di ko agad nakita.   Kung nakita ko lang sana, I could have offered my seat.   Tiningnan ko yung mga katabi ko, mga tandlers. So, ako nga pinariringgan nila.  I was so embarrassed and at the same time pissed off.  However, I kept my cool.  I looked at the two women then I slowly looked and stroked my bulging  tummy. E di tameme sila! lol

Still, I want a flat tummy!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

From Appeals to Supreme Court

I am a hater! I am a hater of Goodbyes!

A month ago, I was informed by my best officemate Atty. Jaja, that *C had called already and they wanted her to start asap.  My reply… “I’m sad but I’m happy for you.”  I was sad. I am still sad.  I will definitely miss her.  Without exaggeration, she’s the bestest!  She’s one genuine friend. 

There was a point in my life that I was really depressed.  I was devastated that I stopped talking for two long weeks…the longest two weeks of my life! I temporarily stopped being me. And Atty Jaja was there.  While a fake friend lambasted me on facebook  for failure to smile at him/her (?) during those tough days, Atty. Jaja respected my silence.   She never judged me.  “Hang in there” – her sincere words. 

I never had a dull moment with her.  She’s funny and  crazy.  She’s crazier than me.  Although she’s one brilliant lawyer, it’s never hard to talk with her.  Hindi nakakapadugo ng brain cells! She stoops down to my jologs level.  She is so humble.  She was not changed by her accomplishments.  Writer, Editor,  Teacher,  Singer, Dancer, Diver, Volleyball player, Baker, Jewelry-maker, Narrator (narrator sya nung Christmas, People pleaser, Lawyer, Businesswoman, Gamer, Impersonator,  blog contests winner (lol) …Naseye ne ang  lehet Atty Ja! Oh by the way, she was a child singer. Remember Ryan Cayabyab’s 14k? She was one of them.

I will surely miss her.   I will miss laughing like a bitch with her.  I will miss our Eunilaine dates.  I will miss saying “Atty. Ja, paano to?”  I will miss how she mimics “personalities”.  I will miss trekking MRT with her.  I will miss asking “Atty. Ja, may sweldo na?” and “Atty. Ja, may balita ka sa kaperahan?”  I will miss our chismisan!  I know *C is just an hour away from  *alerb and technology is our common friend.  Pero iba pa din yung nasa kabilang wing lang siya.  Ooops..I’m teary-eyed na.    

Oh, well, friends come and go.

But not Janelli coz she’s not just a friend, she’s  a sistah. 

Good luck  Atty Ja!
                -your COS

Thank you for reading!