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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Funny but true, the only ramen I knew was Nissin’s Cup Ramen.  Talk about being jologs. When Runel, my best office bud, asked if I want to try Ryu Ramen and Curry, my answer was a quick yes.  I wanted to try the “real” Ramen just for the experience.  

Since I am not quite familiar with  ramen, I let Runel order for me.  He chose Tantanmen.  It’s a spicy miso based broth with ground pork, soft boiled egg, negi and garlic oil with two slices of pork.  The spiciness is categorized into MILD, HOT and VERY HOT.   Since I am an ORAGON (astig Bicolana), I chose HOT.   It only took me one spoonful to know the difference between Nissin’s Cup Ramen and  authentic ramen.    The taste? Uhm, it was simply flavorful. Ramen, specifically Tantanmen from Ryu outshines all the noodle soups I’ve tasted including Naga City's pride, Kinalas. 

 It was worth the try.  It was worth the price.

I will definitely go back.

Price:  P280 (the cheapest ramen in the metro I think)
Location: Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Thanks for reading.