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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Glo's Ville Apartelle in Baguio City: A Place for Budgetarian on Travel

One thing I love about my job is that it brings me to different places.  My first airplane experience was funded by the office. Yes, my very first airplane ride only happened two years ago.  Call me poor!  Haha.

You know what? For civil servants, work-related travel is generally not a perk.    Aside from spending nights away from home,  the per diem allowance is not that much. Ooops,  I am not complaining.  I am just stating a fact.     The  per diem allowance per employee is P800.  It already covers three meals and hotel accommodation. I bet you all know the rates of hotels.   Still, the idea of travel and work  makes me giddy. Haha.

As ordered, my officemates and I conducted an orientation in Baguio City.  We spent two days and one night there.  Our pocket money aka per diem allowance hindered us from booking a room in Baguio Country Club (spell asa) instead it  took us to Glo’s Ville Apartelle.

Glo’s Ville Apartelle is located in a residential area.  Approximately, it’s a three-minute drive from Burnham Park.  

The  room.     It’s a non- aircon room.  Who needs an AC in Baguio, anyway?  Good thing,  it has a 14-inch TV and an electric kettle – stuffs I needed during that rainy evening away from my dear husband.  (Cheesy!)  This  room can accommodate 4-5 persons. (I failed to take a photo of the two other beds.)

 As to the cleanliness of the restroom, I will let the photos speak.  

  Nevertheless, I didn’t have the right to complain.  We only paid P1,500 for a one night stay.   

Yeah I know.  It is definitely not the perfect place for your nth honeymoon.  However, it is good for backpackers on a  budget and of course, for civil servants on travel  who rely on their P800 per diem allowance.    

Location:  #74 2nd Road, Palma St., Baguio City
Phone no: 09162231974

 Thanks for reading.