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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


You must be wondering what happened to our home sweet home.  I think I haven’t posted an update for the longest time.  I wanted to.  Honest.  It’s just that I didn’t want this blog to be a space for disappointment.  But, I am okay now. Everything is okay now.  Thank you Lord. 

 The initial plan was to move-in before the end of 2013 but the unit was not delivered on time. Tsk.  So, we re-scheduled the renovation this January.   We encountered another glitch.  Getting a renovation permit was also not that easy.  Well, we understand that we need to submit the requirements.  After all, it’s for the safety of the unit owners.  But, what we couldn’t understand is the permit’s processing time.   Imagine, we were told that it would take one month. Wow!  We can’t wait that long.  We need to transfer to the unit before the expiration of our lease contract.  So, I  was compelled to  use my charm.     To cut the story short, one month was reduced  to two days.   Friends, I am that charming. Lol

Yesterday, the contractor started the renovation.  We engaged the services of Triple R Builders.

Here’s the scope of work/materials.

Two room partitioning with one storage room
Ceiling Design on the First floor, cove lighting
60x60 synthetic granite tiles on ground floor, laminated wood on 2nd floor
All electrical lighting and outlets including pinlight, droplight and accent cove lights
Kitchen cabinets continuous handle with synthetic granite countertop
1 kitchen pull out
AC power line installation
Overall painting, Duco finish on cabinets
Aluminum or stainless frame railings on stairs with glass accent
20x30 porcelain tiles on comfort room walls up to ceiling height and 20x20 ceramic tiles on comfort room flooring
2 panel interior door
Rain shower type head on comfort room   inclusive of bidet and all plumbing works
Water proofing
Hanging Cabinet for storage purpose on comfort room/sliding glass door
Relocation of tv and telephone outlet and circuit breaker panel board
Installation and supply of one unit exhaust fan for comfort room
Tiles installation on balcony area
Flush door on storage area
Wardrobe closet on each room
Book shelves, entertainment rack
The contract price is P328,000.  I believe it’s reasonable since our unit is bare finish.

I hope and pray that the “finish product” will turn out beautiful. 

I am excited.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


 The following are my 2014 goals:

1.       Save at least 6 months’ worth of expenses.
2.       Invest  P100,000 in UITF.
3.       Invest P100,000 in the stock market.
 4.   Review and Pass the Bar
5.       Lose weight.  Be healthy.  Be beautiful.
6.       Furnish the QC condo.
7.       Travel to Davao City (for R and R).
8.       Travel to Macau (for R and R).
9.       Send a relative to school.
10.   Blog at least once a week.   

If you could notice,  I did not include having a baby in the list.  It’s because I believe that having  a baby is  not for us to decide.  It’s a gift from God.  But of course, we are also doing our part. And yes, consulting a doctor is part of the plan.

Happy New Year everyone!