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Monday, March 31, 2014


At long last, we have already moved-in to our home sweet home.  Thank you Lord. I am sooooo grateful!  I am extremely happy.  I cannot put my happiness into words. Ah basta.  Lol.
So, welcome to our humble abode!

This is our kitchen and dining area. Excuse the mess! I'll post a better picture in the future.  I'm just so excited to share.  

 Our living room. Don't mind the box under the stairs.  I already put it in the storage area. 

My favorite part of the house...the stairs.  I was the one who designed it! Haha

That folded table...I already sold it.


Our room.  I  just love the headboard.  Having a tufted headboard is a dream come true.

The guest room. 

Our mini library cum storage area. 

Toilet and bath.   

It may be small.  It may not be situated in a high-end project.  It may not be fab.  But for us, having a home which I can proudly say as the fruit of our hard work and frugality is a huge blessing from God. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


As part of our weekend routine, my husband and I visited the QC condo unit.  The lavatory was already installed.   And unfortunately, my husband didn’t like it.  He was so annoyed that even  good food and movies failed to change his mood.  I was just quiet the whole time he was having his “tantrums”.  However, when we got home, I felt the need to say my piece. 

Me: Keri naman yung lavatory.  Perfectionist ka kasi kaya mabilis kang madisappoint.

Dan: Hindi naman. Pano mo naman nasabing perfectionist ako?

Me:  See, nag-asawa ka ng perfect!

Ayun, lalong nainis! Lol

Keri naman, diba?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Our home sweet home is I think 90% done.  Every weekend,  my husband and I visit the unit to check things out and to find out whether or not the contractor conforms with our agreement.  Last Saturday, we were so kilig.  They've already painted the rooms.

Master's bedroom

the other bedroom
Mini library

Toilet and Bath

Yes, I am soooo excited!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Chadan’s 1st at Summit Ridge Hotel

December 15, 2013 – Chadan turned one!  I know. I know. This is a late post again.  What do you expect from a wife who does not have an internet connection at home?  You read it right.  We don’t have an internet connection  and most of my blog posts were written and published in the office.    I usually write during lunch/coffee breaks or during coding days.  That explains my lack of updates.   Excuses! Lol. Okay, you can include my laziness.  In this facebook age, you must be wondering why we still have an “offline” home.   Actually, it’s  a decision we both made – to spend quality “just the two of us time” at home.      We are afraid that facebook and boxing  blogs might steal the paltry   time we have after a stressful err productive day at work.     

So, where are we? Chadan’s 1st Anniversary.  We celebrated our first in Tagaytay City.  I did the planning. I am  not good at planning.  I suck at it.   See, I did not book a hotel ahead of time. Booo!!!  My first choice was Taal Vista but it was already fully booked when I tried to make a reservation. Double Booo!!! Talk about oras de peligro.  So,   I just booked the next best hotel in Tagaytay City which I thought was Summit Ridge Hotel. 

Dan: Ano gagawin natin dito?
Me: Wala.
Dan: Ha? Akala ko ba nagplano ka?
Me: Yes. I planned to do nothing.
Dan: Okay. Ayos.

No itinerary.   No whatsoever. I just trusted the fact that Tagaytay locals are Tagalog speakers.  I knew that we won’t get lost.  

Our first stop was Mahagony Market for a hearty bulalo lunch.  It was also our first time to eat tawilis (real tawilis).

Then, we proceeded to Summit Ridge Hotel. The room that we got was on the 4th floor, depriving us the best Taal Volcano view.  

We booked the classic twin room. It has two single beds.   Good thing, they can be merged.      The size of the room  is just fine.  It has a veranda for smokers or for those who just want to sing Rooooaaar while looking at Taal Volcano.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the hotel.  “It was not like this two years ago.” I told my husband countless times.   I know that building depreciates but hey, a hotel must be well-maintained, right?  


Mildew in the bathroom tiles.  

How  about the service? A hotel staff went to our room two hours after our request.  Nuff said.
Their internet connection, however, was superb.

A notable attribute of Summit Ridge is its location.  It’s strategically nestled in a busy street where public transport is readily available.  It’s a stone’s throw away from Robinson’s, Sky Ranch and Casino.  Across the hotel is  Josephine’s, a Filipino restaurant where my husband and I had our dinner.

Overall, our 1st Anniversary celebration was great.  It was comprised of sleeping and eating and sleeping and hoping for a plus one.

And loving.

And praying. 

And giving thanks. 

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses.

Summit Ridge Hotel                        P5,250
Fare                                                       296
Lunch (Mahogany Bulalo)             545
Dinner (Josephine’s)                      822
Starbucks coffee                              370
Massage                                              900

Total                                                      P8,183

Thanks for reading!