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Friday, May 15, 2015

Dressing Up Our Home

Making a home “livable” does not end after construction or renovation.  You have to clean it, re-decorate it, maintain it and what not.  I grew up in a “transforming” home.  Every now and then, may pagbabago, be it with the arrangement of the furniture or additional rooms.  Our home in Naga has undergone several renovations/extensions.    Yan ang "bisyo" ng mga magulang ko. The latest was the construction of koi pond and grotto.    No. We do not  have a grandiose home but we have a decent home.  Considering that shelter is one of  our basic needs, my parents prioritized building a home over eating out or buying branded stuff.   Back then, I never experienced  wearing branded clothes  or eating out every weekend. However, I also didn’t experience packing up and going from one apartment to another because we have our own home.

My mother would always tell me that one’s  home is a reflection of his personality. Kaya dapat daw parating malinis, maayos at areglado.  I admit, I was not that good at cleaning.  My mom would always scold me for that.  But you know,  I was young...I had twisted way of thinking.  Iniisip ko nun, mom will always clean up my mess (literally).  Oh well, that was until I got married.  I think I already mentioned  here that I have the OC-iest husband.  He hates clutter.  He turns into a monster when he comes home to a cluttered home.  With my desire to be proclaimed as the bestest wife ever (lol), I tried my best to keep up with his expectation.  I hired the bestest angel/nanny. Lol. I kid. I kid...not! Okay. Let’s just that Baby C’s nanny (I already fired Diyosa and hired another one) is in charge with cleaning while I am in charge with prettifying and dressing up our home.  Does changing throw pillow cases qualify as decorating a home? I think so. Haha.  I do decorate our home according to occasion or my mood.  See pictures below. (They are facebook photos. I still cannot transfer photos from my Ipad to PC.) 



Women's Day

Some of  the stuff in the above photos can be bought from the following:

Combi Blinds - Sigrid Window Blinds and Tint (09424950922) P8500 (3 panels combi blinds, 2 panels vertical blinds)
Dining Table - SB Furniture (Waltermart Makati) Between 12k to 14k, I forgot.
Dining Chairs - SB Furniture (Waltermart Makati) 4k each
Red Vase - M2M Surplus shop (Scout Borromeo cor Edsa, QC) P90
Throw pillow cases - Landmark P35 each
Sofa - Custom-made by Rio Raz (09396210737) P14k

We also bought paintings. I so love them that I think they deserve a separate blog post. 

Thanks for reading.