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Friday, February 5, 2016


Hi. I’m still here.  I was just busy. Yeah I know, being busy is not an excuse. Let’s just say my mind was  so preoccupied for the past weeks that I couldn’t compose a single paragraph.  The important thing is I’m here, trying to regain my enthusiasm for writing and sharing.   
So, what kept me busy (what’s keeping me busy) ? Work. Business. A new Project.  Being a mom. Being a daughter. Being a wife.

1)      Work –  Our office has transferred to another location.  It was a bit stressful (the blow by blow meeting, packing of stuff, moving out etc.) The condition of the office building is far from the previous building.  It’s like moving from a bungalow to a high-rise condo.  We have to deal with long elevator queue, other tenants, busier road, lack of natural light and air, smaller work station etc. But, you know, considering all the things that I mentioned,  the office transfer made me extremely happy. Our office location is just a few blocks away from our condo. It’s just a trike ride away that I get to spend my lunch breaks at home, which is tantamount to more time with Baby C.

2)      Business – I mentioned in my previous posts that I’m into retail business.  I realized that engaging in business is not just about having fun.   It takes a lot of effort and hard work.   It is also a test of patience.  Considering that my business does not put bread on our table (yet), I could easily say “Ayoko na. Iba naman.”   But, I opted to continue and learn. 

3)      New Project – My husband and I have a new project.  Last year, we purchased (through Pag-Ibig Financing) a townhouse in Naga City.  I did not blog about it because I believed that it was not a sound financial decision since our condo unit is still on mortgage and we still do not have enough savings and paper assets.   But, now, I can say that the decision was not that bad. It’s still an investment because we will rent it out.  The location is good.  It’s a padyak (pedicab) ride away from Centro (downtown).   Considering its location, we could rent it out for at least P9,000.  The developer delivered it unfurnished, so, right  now our project is to make it livable.

4)      Being a mom – Having a toddler is both tiring and rewarding.  Baby C is sooo malikot yet sooooooo cute that I want to spend 100% of my time with her.

5)      Being a daughter – My mom underwent an ultrasound procedure last December. There are nodules in her liver. Yes, bukol.  She underwent another procedure to confirm and to find out whether the nodules are cancerous.  I thank God, they are not.  Indeed, prayers always work.

6)      Being a wife – My  husband is currently “struggling” to meet a work deadline.  He’s stressed out and most of the time suplado.  So yeah, I’ve been very busy trying to be the most patient and understanding wife ever! Lol.  

Thanks for reading.