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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Drama Overload

Last week, a man went to my work station.

Me:  Good afternoon po.

Man: (looking at me, then on my desk) Good afternoon.  Ako po si ________________, officer  (I forgot the exact  designation) ng PDEA.
Me: (on  my mind) Baka naframe up ako. I don’t do drugs.  Hindi ako papayag ipasearch ang mesa 
ko. Hindi talaga pwede! Wala siyang search warrant!

Man:  Dito  po ba humihingi ng copy ng Board Resolution?

OMG! Nasosobrahan ako sa panonood ng drama series.  lol

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Staycation at B Hotel Quezon City

Just right after the Holy Week, my mom and nieces visited us here in Manila for a few days.  As kids raised in the province, my nieces consider Manila as a lovely place, a place to be excited about.   As their Tita Ganda, I didn’t want to take away that notion. I wanted to take them to places that highlight the “beauty” of Metro Manila, or to places that would make them happy, at least.   I thought of Manila Zoo, Kidzania, Ace Water Spa, Club Manila East and  Ocean Park.  However, considering that my mom could easily get tired,  I changed my plan, and opted to go to  senior citizen-friendly places or  places where we won’t endure the other face of the metro (traffic, pollution etc.).    

Since kids love to swim, I decided to just look for a hotel (with pool) near our place.  And luckily, I stumbled upon B Hotel QC.  It’s a relatively new  hotel located at Scout Rallos, Quezon City, a tricycle ride away from our home.   I booked the Superior Twin Room  for our All-Girl Staycation (me, my mom, my 2 nieces and Baby C).    My husband had his “me time” at home, Nich (Dan's niece) had work,  Baby C’s yaya was on a one week vacation.

I was impressed by the hotel’s interior design.  It’s stylish and  modern.  How can an unfinished and unpainted wall look so pleasing? Magic!  

Our room was industrial styled as well. I liked it so much because apart from being squeaky clean, it also smelled so good.  It was equipped with a flat screen TV, fridge, AC, blower, and toiletries.

They also provided a cot.

The marshmallow-soft bed made my daughter oh so happy.

My nieces spent most of their time at the pool area.    

Nich (before she went to work), Baby C, Francine and Baba

The hotel has a  restaurant and cafĂ©.   However, I regret that I did not avail of their breakfast buffet. 

What made B Hotel stand out for me, was their above par customer service.  The staff and crew were very polite and professional.  Case in point, my mother thought that she lost  her purse.  When she reported it, the hotel’s admin immediately took action, only to find out that my mom just had her senior moment (she just misplaced it).  Hehe. 

I highly recommend B Hotel QC.  For more info and pictures, just visit their website. 

Room Rate:
Superior Twin Room (Breakfast Excluded) – P3,500


Monday, May 16, 2016

Maintaining Composure + Mother's Day Special

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks.  My mother and nieces had their vacation in Manila. Then, a day after they went back to  Naga, I was informed that my mom was admitted to the hospital.  Without a second thought, I boarded a bus going to Naga, leaving my work  to the members of  the committee I was heading up.  When  I arrived, I found out that my mom was transferred to the ICU while my father was also admitted.    Imagine the anxiety.  But God is indeed good.  Both of my parents are home now  although my mom has not completely recovered yet.   The hospital bills were settled.  My differential (I got promoted!) was timely credited to my account.   My superior and colleagues were very considerate.   My relatives and friends showered us with so much love and support.

When I got back to the office, as expected,  I was bombarded with  work and responsibilities.  The 
presentation we prepared had to be redone in one week.  My colleague in charge for  video editing informed me that she had to start from scratch.  I was very anxious since video editing is something that I don’t know. And all I could do is to trust her assurance that she could deliver on time.   Despite the pressure, I did my best to remain composed.   I tried my best not to nag or throw a fit.  I tried  hard to be graceful even under pressure.    Thank God, we were able to deliver an output as wanted by our bosses. 

After the presentation had been finalized, I wanted to relax and see a movie.   I asked my niece and my baby’s yaya to accompany me, to which they said yes.  However, they changed their minds and opted to go somewhere without my permission.  I was really fuming with anger especially that they brought Baby C with them.  They also lied that they just went to the lobby. The thought that they were hiding something  intensified my anger.  However, I bit my tongue because I was afraid that I might say hurtful words.  Instead, I walked out.    I went to the mall  alone and resolved that I will talk to them  when I get back.     

When I arrived home… 

This was the first time my husband surprised me.   I was really clueless.  I never expected it because, you know, my husband is not the ma-surprise type of guy.  I was really touched.

When I asked him, "Anong nakain mo?"  He said, "Sabi kasi nung pari sa kasal ni ****, dapat daw sweet pa din kahit mag-asawa na." 

The reason why my niece and Ate "sneaked out" of the house because  my husband asked them to
buy food and stuff.

I am glad that I remained composed.  I would have ruined their sweet surprise had I not bit my tongue.    

To all my ka-mother, belated Happy Mother’s Day!