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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I keep on telling myself, “Calm down, it’s only a wedding.”  Pero sobrang nakakastress talaga ang mga tao…those who volunteered to help for free pero waley din and those suppliers for a fee na di makadeliver nang maayos.  Pero mas nakakastress yung free kasi di mo pwedeng talakan.   But there are those who exerted effort to help me naman...kahit walang bayad or kahit konti lang ang bayad (i'll include you sa billing on my next post).  I can’t wait to make a supplier  performance assessment.

Below  are my suppliers:

Church                        Penafrancia Church
Reception                   Starmark Royale
Invites                         Printsonalities
Photography/Video     MPG Studio
Bridal Gown               Analyn's Bridal Gown* overhauled by Manay Glo
Groom's Barong          Onesimus
Entourage Gown         Manay Glo
Entourage Barong       McIntosh
Souvenirs                    Jackie and the Beadstalk by Atty Jaja
Tokens for PS             Yulaik (wine) and Baking Delights by Atty Mitch (cupcakes)
Wedding Ring             Marilou  Bustillo
Coordinator                 Serendipity
Hotel                           Starview Hotel
Guest Accomodation  Happy Side and Starview Hotel
Wedding Singers        Joseph Almine and Jeanette Bendiola
Makeup Artist            Andreu Ariola
Photobooth                 Digifubz

   *kung bakit ako lumanghap ng fresh air (according to Atty Reb) sa divi, it's a long divulge it, di ko keri.

     I’ll make an assessment/evaluation after the wedding.

At this point, I need to breathe fresh air....inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale. 
Tsasin, relak!  Sabi nga ni boylet,  I shouldn’t  focus on the details.  Kung walang AVP, keri lang…it’s not as important as the marriage license.  Kung pangit ang lasa ng food,  keri lang…as long as a ceremony will take place before a solemnizing officer.  Kung konti ang mag-attend, keri lang…we only need two witnesses (pero mag attend kayo ha...yung invited...wahahaha). 

“Sana lahat ng groom kagaya ni Zoren.”   My boylet heard me…and laughed his ass out loud. “Uwig, spell artista!" Oh yeah, review review...naechos ako! Sige na nga, oki na oki na ako kay boylet.  He’s a male naman with legal capacity and I am sure naman that he will give his consent freely. Haha.

This is blabbing to the nth level...sowi!!! neweiz, thanks for reading guys.