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Friday, August 30, 2013

Isang Dekada

Today is our 10th  anniversary as a couple. 

Me: Good morning babe! Happy 10th  anniversary!

Dan: Dami naman nating anniversary.

Me: Ganun talaga.  Nagpasaway ka eh.


I cut the conversation.

Japanese food this evening...I'm excited!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Nice title noh? The credit goes to Pinas for Good.  She  gave me the idea of posting the stuff I threw away  (donated). 

I’m definitely not a minimalist. My husband  would agree to this.   Lol. I must admit that I don’t enjoy organizing stuff as much as I enjoy doing the laundry.

Husband: Babe, near “best wife ever” ka lang.
Me:  Why naman?
Husband:  Look at our closet.
Me: (walk out)

 It’s embarrassing that at times, my being semi-burara becomes the root of our misunderstanding.  In all fairness,  I do sweep the floor and wipe the furniture and fixtures.  But still my effort does not meet his standards.  Blame his “OC” sisters who arranged his clothes according to color. Lol. 

Although our petty fights always end up with him saying “I’m sorry”, I know deep inside that I should enhance my housekeeping skill.  My mom would always tell me that a good man will never stay in a cluttered home.  And I believe her.  I won’t let my introvert husband find comfort outside our abode.  So here I am, doing my assignment. 

One good, if not the best, way to cut down clutter at home is to cut down stuff.   I know  it’s not easy especially to those who are “attached to material things”.  I was once like that.  It hurt me to   let go of clothes  and stuff.  However, urban living (living in a jail cell-like apartment) and marriage removed the hoarder in me. It becomes painless to bid goodbye to things which I don’t find useful anymore. I realized that letting go of stuff brings me to a win-win situation, a clutter-free crib and the opportunity to cause happiness to the donees.  I can still vividly imagine the smile on the face of the condo’s security guard when I gave him the bamboo sala set.  And would you believe that even my slightly used brassieres brought joy to my officemate’s daughters?

Here are the stuff I donated for this week's TAT. 

Abaca bag

Old office uniforms

 I’m not quite sure if anybody would   wear these uniforms.  The picker might transform them into something useful though. 

The last time I climbed into these shoes was one year ago.  This pair and my wide feet never became friends. 

I placed this box near the condo's garbage chute so that the janitors/guards could easily notice it.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hashtag Puso

We were all in euphoria last Saturday when Gilas Pilipinas defeated  Korea.
I wish I had the same puso.
It's never too late Chasen.

A photo with Marcus Douthit, taken 3 years ago

Something Personal

I spent my long weekend in Maogmang Lugar (Masayang Lugar), Naga City, the place where I grew up.  As expected, the questions like “Buntis ka na ba?” "May laman na?" were everywhere.  Pressure noh? Although our financial condition is not that perfect to have a baby, God knows how I want to have one.  I have this “monthly depression”.  My husband would always tell me not to stress myself out.  According to him,  if it’s meant to happen, it will happen.   He must be right but I just can't help it. 

Forgive me Lord for being so impatient.  I know that the gift will be given in Your Your perfect time.