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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wanted: Yaya

Happy New Year!  

I’m still alive.  It’s been months since my last  post. That’s why  I was  really having a hard time thinking  on what  I will write about. There were so many events/milestones that have transpired for the last months. My daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday, I celebrated my birthday, we threw a surprise party for my  father’s 70th birthday, etc. etc.   I will try to write a  separate blog posts for those mentioned events.  For now, let me just update you on what’s going on in my life. 

I’m  YAYALESS since December 22!  I spent the entire Christmas vacation running after my uber energetic daughter.  I was a full time mom for more than two weeks. I have to admit, it was hard…really hard.  Ang lakas   makalosyang.   Without exaggeration, my time and energy were all given to Baby C.  There were times that I didn’t even bother to  take a bath, or comb my hair, or dress up.   Also, I needed to eat as fast as I can. Yun, ilang beses akong naempacho!   What happened to Baby C’s yaya?  As usual, we all went to Bicol for Christmas. I permitted my daughter’s yaya  to take a Christmas Vacation for two weeks (she’s also from Bicol).   She went back on our agreed date. However, after one day, she told me that she’s not feeling well, that she wanted to sleep at their house. I said yes, but I already had a strong feeling that she won’t come back. As I expected,  after a few hours,  she texted me that she won’t be able to go back with us to Manila.   For me, it was okay for her to leave. It’s not that I didn’t like  her.  In fact, I liked her very much.  For me, she was not just a yaya, she was a friend.  But, I acknowledged the fact that she also has her own life, that we do not own her. What pisses me off is  that she left us a day before we were supposed to go back to  Manila.  She didn’t give us enough time to look for a  yaya to replace her. Effective Immediately talaga ang resignation niya! Sad.  Good thing, my husband’s niece was ever ready to lend a helping hand.   She’s the one taking care of my daughter now  pending the arrival of the new yaya.    But cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking and taking care of my “pabebe” husband are still my responsibilities, of course.   I don’t know if he’s really pabebe ever since or I’ve just spoiled him.    In fairness, now, that we still don’t have a yaya, the pabebeness level was lessened to 9 from 10. Haha.  I am not complaining though. I love serving my  husband, and   I find joy in  making his life easier.   I think my language of love is “acts of service”.  Kaya lang minsan, sabay ang demands ng dalawa. There are times that I am torn between  my husband and my daughter, and my daughter always wins.  So yeah, we badly need a yaya/househelp! 

By the way, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you shouldn't treat your househelp as a friend.   Nuff said.