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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On Friendship+Baby C's First Outdoor Pictorial

One time, I found a chocolate bar on my table.

Me: Kanino to galing?
Officemate: Hindi ko alam.  Nandiyan na yan pagdating ko. Baka galing sa mga nag Subic.
Me:  Alam ko na kung kanino galing!
Officemate: Pano mo nalaman?
Me: Isa lang naman ang kaibigan ko kaya alam ko na kung kanino galing.
Officemate: May advantage din pala pag isa lang kaibigan noh? Haha

Of course, I was exaggerating.  Hindi lang naman isa ang kaibigan ko.  But, I only have few friends.   I am nice, but I am not that friendly.  Does it make sense? Haha.  I feel that I am too old to make new friends.  I mean, I no longer have the luxury of time to make friends.  Don’t get me wrong but  I believe that  one needs to have time and effort to nurture budding friendships.  And how can I commit my precious time to others  now that I am already a wife and a mother?  And you know what? I don’t easily tag a person as my friend.    I consider someone a friend if he/she has stood beside me or willing to stand beside me, regardless on whether  I am on the right or wrong lane.  Yung kakampi ko. Yung tipong pag may nag-away sakin, he/she will take my side…someone who will say “Hindi naman ganyan si Chasen” when she hears someone backstabbing me.  Talk about loyalty.   Yes. I expect too much from a friend .  And it may be  the reason why  I do not have a lot of friends.

Weeks ago,  I had a get-together with my  “elementary to present” barkada/friends.  We’ve been friends for more than twenty  years. Waah! I feel so old. We’ve been through a lot, from being summoned to the Principal’s Office to quarreling a friend’s boyfriend,  to cheating during quizzes (sshh), to drinking Red Horse with Gin (sshh), to being silly and carefree.  Ahh…those were the days!  But actually, every time we are together, we still act silly and still laugh as if we are still in the middle of the our alma mater’s quadrangle.  That’s why I love being with them.  I can act without reservation. I can complain about stuff without being judged.    I can be me…the burara, madaldal, eskandalosa me. 

We met at 3PM at BGC area. Oh diba,pang Titas of Manila ang meeting time. Haha.  We had pizza and pasta at Gino’s. The food were good.  Honestly, I did not enjoy the food that much. Pang Shakeys and Jolly Spaghetti levels ang taste ko eh.  Haha. But, according to them, masarap daw.   After eating, we had coffee and continued our chikahan galore.  At 7pm, Baby C was already sleepy so I moved to adjourn the Titas meeting.   

But before we bid goodbye, Pau, the husband of my friend, took photos of Baby C. It was an instant photo shoot! I was so happy because an outdoor photo session for Baby C was my long overdue plan.  I just didn’t know how to carry it out. Negotiating with a photographer, and preparing for the photo shoot were taxing for me. So, yeah, shout out to my friends Pau and Lai!  I’m grateful more than you think I am.  

I also had the photos printed at No Blank Walls.  These framed canvas (9"x11")  cost me P1,800.  

 Thanks for reading!