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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


You all know that I was feeling low last week.    I blogged about it here.  One of the reasons I cited was I miss my family. Few hours after I posted my drama, I received a call from my mom telling me that they’re going to visit me here in Manila.  Wow! What was that?  Telekinetic power! Fyi, she’s not a reader of my blog.  She does not even know that I blog.   Well, I guess moms can read minds.

Meet my mom, Bitoy and Baba (from left to right)
In Manila Ocean Park.  Ang cute ng sealions-bitoy

Back in Naga, I told them that my house here in Manila has a swimming pool. Their answer  was  "Weh?".   When they arrived at the condo…

Me: I told you may swimming pool ang bahay namin.
Baba: Tita Ganda (walang kokontra), nasaan man ang bahay  mo?
Me: Ito.
Baba: Hindi naman ito bahay, building ito.
Me: Ganito ang mga bahay dito sa Manila. (btw, walang condo sa Naga kaya feel na feel din nila pumindot sa elevator)
Baba:  Wala bang tunay na bahay dito?
Me: Madami pero mahal. Di ko kayang bilhin.
Baba: Mayaman ka naman ah.  Nakita  ko…may piggy bank ka.

Hahaha…madami nga naman laman na piso ang piggy bank ko.  Sige na nga, mayaman na ako! lol
They also went to Enchanted Kingdom.  I was not able to join them because of this ISO thing.  It’s okay, three days with my lovies brought too much joy already.  I was right, I needed a break.  Now, I’m back on track.   

As regards to my first world problems, I have identified the solutions na.  Weight gain?  I’m taking baby steps to counter every unwanted pound.   I’m now tracking my calorie intake through Myfitnesspal.   I’m positive that this device will cause positive result. No sweets (hmmm) . No oily food.      Also, I’m doing cardio.  My elliptical machine is not idle anymore.   I reminded myself that I got it from Toby’s, not from SB Furniture (lol) .   I’m also using the condo’s stairs and pool.  My goal is to lose weight without losing money.

Go go go Chasen!

Thank you for reading !


Friday, April 19, 2013


When it comes to friends, I consider myself lucky.   Proof?

Friend R: May lunch ka na?

Me: Wala pa eh. Di pa dumadaan si Manang.  Bakit libre mo ako ng lunch?

Friend R: Ay oo, lunch out tayo!  Di ako magpapatalo kay Atty R (my other friend). Di ba nilibre ka nya ng     madaming cake kahapon, ililibre kita ng lunch ngayon. Hindi ako nagpapatalo!

Me: Hahaha. I’m so swerte! 

Convinced?  lol

Thursday, April 18, 2013


For the past few days, I’ve been feeling so low.  I cannot exactly pinpoint the reason.  Perhaps because  I am starting to gain weight again.  Perhaps because  I’m bored.  Perhaps because I’m tired.  Perhaps because I miss my family.  Perhaps because I still consider myself a failure and I am not doing anything to erase that label.  Oh yes, that’s it.

But this conversation made  me smile…

Boss: okay na to Che (referring to the memo I drafted)
Me: Wow! First time boss na walang red (been working as his staff for more than two years)
Boss: Ha? Anong red?
Me:  Walang correction.   Diba everytime na pinapadraft mo ako, date lang ang natitira?
Boss: Ah, di ko to binasa eh!
Me: Boss naman…
Boss: O Sige na nga, pwede na to. (napilitan baka mawala ang ngiti ko)

As to my “drama”, I should go back to my old self (positive, bubbly and confident)  the soonest possible time.  The clock is ticking.