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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Baguio City with Dan and Baby C

Few months ago,  we  planned to have a family trip to Baguio City  to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, a month before their anniversary, my father was hospitalized, hence, the  trip was  cancelled.  We just went to Sorsogon, a three-hour car ride away from  our Naga City home.   

I  was very “atat”  to go to Baguio so,  I made it  happen  but instead of going there with the whole fam (my parents, siblings and nieces/nephews), I went there with just  my husband and daughter and her yaya.  It was a less than a week preparation. That’s the good thing about going to a place via bus, you don’t need to book a flight months in advance.  The fare is constant unlike airfare.

I booked  our  bus tickets two days prior our departure.  I think it’s still advisable to buy tickets in advance especially if you’re travelling with kids.  Iba talaga pag may kasamang bata.  Everything must be planned and considered.   “Bahala na” is a big no-no.      So, for the first time,  I made a very detailed, child-friendly itinerary.

We left Manila at exactly 6:00 am via Victory Liner. Unexpectedly, my daughter barfed several times and kept on saying,  “Mom, my tummy hurts.”   It was her first time to feel sick  during travel.   And that made me feel worried and made  my husband very very very worried.  He even googled HOSPITALS IN BAGUIO.  We are OA parents. I know. We haven’t improved in that department yet.   Fortunately, she got better.  We arrived in Baguio at around 12 noon.  The hotel check-in time  was 2PM so we first had our lunch at Good Taste.   

Ginataang Hito

Buttered Chicken


It was my first time to eat at Good Taste.  I just learned about it in the internet.  So, I did not expect that there was a queue before you can enter the restaurant, and it would take them more than 30 minutes to serve the food. That’s how jam-packed the restaurant was.  Their servings were also unexpectedly hefty and cheap.   As to the taste, I have to be honest, the taste was good, but not exceptional.  Kaya siguro Good Taste ang  pangalan ng resto hindi Excellent taste. Lol.   But definitely, our dining experience was worth the wait.

From Good Taste, we went straight to  Forest Lodge Hotel.  It was located at Camp John Hay.  I really preferred a hotel outside of the center of the city.  You know,  I wanted to chill.  I wanted to commune with nature. And Forest Lodge did not disappoint.

At around 5pm, Baby C, Ate Ma and I went out, and explored the area while my husband slept.  We were supposed to go to Burnham Park but  our commute to Baguio made him very tired.  I did not insist because after all, we went there to relax. 

We did not go out for dinner, and just ate the leftover food from Good Taste.
The following day was our "gala" day.  We woke up at around 6 am, and had our breakfast.  The hotel room rate that we paid did not include breakfast so, we ate at Tapa King which was just a few steps away from the hotel.   

At around 9 am, we started the Baguio “tour.” 

Our first stop

Botanical Garden
Then we dropped by the church near Botanical.

It was drizzling, so instead of going to Wright Park, we had our early lunch at Ketchup Food Community, across Wright Park.  Our first choice was Canto Restaurant but it was full, and  we did not want to fall in line again.  So, we ended up eating at Rancho.  The food was so-so.
Then, we went to Wright Park.  Baby C was scared to ride a horse.  Actually, she was scared of horses.  So, we just let Ate Ma had her first horseback riding  experience.  

Last stop
Mines View park

Then we went back to the hotel to take a rest.  At around 5pm, we went to Burnham Park.

We had our dinner at 50s Diner.  I have heard so much about it so, we tried it out.  I thought it was  at par with Biggs, a 50s styled restaurant in Naga City.  However, I was wrong.  Without bias, the food at Biggs was better.  But, the price of food  at 50s Diner was cheaper.  Borrowing the tagline of Burger King, taste is king.  

On our last day, we went to Baguio Market.  I wanted to buy vegetables, walis tambo, longganisa and whatnot but my husband thwarted the idea. “Mag bubus lang  tayo. May kasama tayong bata blah blah blah.” So, we just bought pasalubong (lengua de gato and ube jam), ate breakfast and went back to the hotel.  We rested a bit, checked out and went back to Manila.
We all had fun and we are all looking forward to our next travel.

Baguio Expenses:

Bus Fare                  P2,700 (450x3)
Taxi Fare                      698
Good Taste                  700
Tapa King                    630
Rancho                        590
horseback Riding       200
Snacks (corn/water)    205
Boat Ride                    250 (tip included)
50s Diner                    700
Chowking                   350
Pasalubong                 1350
Forest Lodge             7000 (2 nights)
Total                        P15,373

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Puso Day 2017

Dan: Surprise! (handing me flowers)
Me: Wow! Thank you Daddy! Sabi ko naman sayo huwag ka nang mag- abala. Sayang ng pera mo.
Dan: Kilala kita. Ilang Valentines mo na yan sinabi. Tapos paghindi kita binigyan, magtatampo ka.
Me: lol
Dan: Huwag kang mag-alala, ibabawas ko yan sa remittance ko. Lol

We stayed at home on Valentine’s Day. We didn’t go out because first, it was a weekday and our energy had been sucked  by our more than eight hour stay in the office. Second, I didn’t want to spend for a fancy dinner. And third, I felt that we already  celebrated Valentine’s  Day.  On February 11-12, we went out of town (Laguna) to attend the birthday party of our friend’s daughter.   Actually, the date of the party was  on the 12th but we opted to go to Laguna in advance because we wanted to have a “family time” outside of our abode.  My husband and I resolved to stop holing up in our home and start going outdoors. It’s not for us but for Baby C. She’s already 2.5 yo, and she’s becoming more curious every day. We feel the need to expose her to the “outside world.”  

Since there is no hotel near the venue of the birthday party, I booked a condo unit through Airbnb.  It was my first Airbnb experience.  At first, I had qualms.  But after researching and reading reviews, I convinced myself to give it a shot.   Good thing about Airbnb is that you can contact the host before booking the unit.  You can ask as many questions as you want.  I guess I was lucky because our host was very prompt in answering my queries. 

We arrived at the condo  at around 4pm, 2 hours late from the agreed time of check-in. My bad.    The caretaker was nice enough to wait for us. I was not able to take photos of the condo unit.  It was a 25-sqm studio unit. It looked cramped perhaps because of the arrangement of the furniture.  Nonetheless, it was clean.    There was no TV and no internet connection which was ok with me because as I’ve said we went there to spend time with each other.   Basta, everything was basic, from furniture to beddings.  I kinda expected it already because hello I just paid P2700 for four persons, way cheaper  than booking a hotel room.   It had AC and it was clean, solb na ako dun. 

What I like about the condominium is its location and its vibe. The ambiance was peaceful. It's away from the hustle and bustle of the highway.  It made me feel close to nature.      There's a playground and a swimming pool. However,  I didn’t  take a dip because it was too cold. It was Dan who accompanied  Baby C.   

After we checked out, we went directly to the venue of Baby Celin's  party. It's only a trike ride away from the condo.  

Baby C enjoyed our short vacation. Actually, we all enjoyed it. I am looking forward to more ganap with my family.