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Monday, April 11, 2016

PROUD MOMent: Baby C at 18 months

I almost had a heart attack two weeks ago.  I was in the bathroom when I heard my husband yelling “Mommy! Si Baby C…” In an instant, I ran out of the bathroom.  My trembling husband was carrying my crying baby.  Apparently, Baby C fell off the play pen.  I immediately checked if something was wrong with her, if she was bleeding, or if she had bukol.  When she stopped crying and seemed okay, I went back to the bathroom.   That was the only time I realized that I went out naked. Dan and Baby C’s yaya told me that their eyes were on Baby C that they didn’t bother to look at me.  However, they were not sure whether our neighbors saw my sexiness. Waaaah! I don’t care!

Baby C is now very malikot.    We cannot take our eyes off her.  Bawal kumurap.  Taking care of a toddler is indeed tiring but at the same time fun, super fun to be exact.    

I realized that I haven’t written much about my daughter here.  Bakit nga ba? I don’t know. Haha. In real life (what?), I talk so much about her, as if she’s a prodigy. Haha.   A simple “how’s your daughter?” always results to “She’s okay. You know what? She can do like this and like that blah blah blah.  She’s sooo cute blah blah blah” I always talk about her with gusto.   Sorry but talking about her makes me feel so kilig.   So, permit me to share  WITH PRIDE  what my baby can do at one year and six months.  

1.        She can count from one to ten.
2.       She can associate words for each  letter of the alphabet.
3.       She can identify colors. We were at National Bookstore, I was identifying the color of the pens when she pointed at the blue pen and said BLUE.  I thought it was chamba.  A day after, when she saw a color yellow jelly ace, she said YELLOW.
4.       She says “It’s okay” every time she stumbles.
5.       She can also communicate what she wants. She says UP, when she wants to go upstairs and BABA, when she wants to go down. She says MIMI, when she wants milk and WATER, when she wants water.  She says MORE, when she wants more.
6.       She can poop in the toilet. 
7.       She can also do “mano po/bless” gesture.
8.       She can understand and follow simple instructions like “Put it back or Give it to Mommy”. 
9.       She says I YOU when I say I love you.  She says THANK YOU every time she receives something.
10.   She also says these expressions: OHMYGOD, UH-OH, HAYNAKU!

Kamot-ulo moment

Her cuteness and new “tricks” amaze us every single day.  I must have done something right to deserve a precious gift like her.

Thanks for reading!