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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sa Katitipid, Lalong Napamahal

A week ago, I had my wart cauterized. It was big that the dermatologist had to inject anesthesia.  After the procedure, he prescribed an anti-bacterial ointment, which I did not buy.  Boo!
After two days, the wound got infected. Ang kirot.  But, I said to myself, “Nung bata nga ako, mas malaki pa dito sugat ko,  Merthiolate lang ang katapat.”  So, I didn’t bother seeking professional help despite my husband’s insistence.   

To alleviate the kirot, I took Mefenamic Acid.  I also took Amoxicillin.

Seven days after the cautery, the wound got bigger and eekier.  That was the time I decided to have it checked by a dermatologist (not the one who cauterized my wart).    

Dermatologist:  Anong nangyari dyan?
Me: Na-infect po ata. Pinacauterize ko po pero di ko nilagyan ng ointment.
Dermatologist: Ah, nagtitipid ka, eh lalo ka ngayon mamamahalan. Bibigyan kita ng antibiotics.
Me: Doc, umiinom na po ako ng antibiotics. (proud pa)
Dermatologist:  Anong tinitake mo?
Me: Amoxicillin po.
Dermatologist: Ah, nagdoctor doctoran ka. Hindi eepekto amoxicillin diyan.

Had I not been so tipid (to a fault), I wouldn’t have ended up spending P800 plus for antibiotics and P200 for taxi fare, and I wouldn’t have suffered anxiety and sleepless nights brought about by the kirot.

Hay naku…stupidity at its finest.  Lol