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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I keep on telling myself, “Calm down, it’s only a wedding.”  Pero sobrang nakakastress talaga ang mga tao…those who volunteered to help for free pero waley din and those suppliers for a fee na di makadeliver nang maayos.  Pero mas nakakastress yung free kasi di mo pwedeng talakan.   But there are those who exerted effort to help me naman...kahit walang bayad or kahit konti lang ang bayad (i'll include you sa billing on my next post).  I can’t wait to make a supplier  performance assessment.

Below  are my suppliers:

Church                        Penafrancia Church
Reception                   Starmark Royale
Invites                         Printsonalities
Photography/Video     MPG Studio
Bridal Gown               Analyn's Bridal Gown* overhauled by Manay Glo
Groom's Barong          Onesimus
Entourage Gown         Manay Glo
Entourage Barong       McIntosh
Souvenirs                    Jackie and the Beadstalk by Atty Jaja
Tokens for PS             Yulaik (wine) and Baking Delights by Atty Mitch (cupcakes)
Wedding Ring             Marilou  Bustillo
Coordinator                 Serendipity
Hotel                           Starview Hotel
Guest Accomodation  Happy Side and Starview Hotel
Wedding Singers        Joseph Almine and Jeanette Bendiola
Makeup Artist            Andreu Ariola
Photobooth                 Digifubz

   *kung bakit ako lumanghap ng fresh air (according to Atty Reb) sa divi, it's a long divulge it, di ko keri.

     I’ll make an assessment/evaluation after the wedding.

At this point, I need to breathe fresh air....inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale. 
Tsasin, relak!  Sabi nga ni boylet,  I shouldn’t  focus on the details.  Kung walang AVP, keri lang…it’s not as important as the marriage license.  Kung pangit ang lasa ng food,  keri lang…as long as a ceremony will take place before a solemnizing officer.  Kung konti ang mag-attend, keri lang…we only need two witnesses (pero mag attend kayo ha...yung invited...wahahaha). 

“Sana lahat ng groom kagaya ni Zoren.”   My boylet heard me…and laughed his ass out loud. “Uwig, spell artista!" Oh yeah, review review...naechos ako! Sige na nga, oki na oki na ako kay boylet.  He’s a male naman with legal capacity and I am sure naman that he will give his consent freely. Haha.

This is blabbing to the nth level...sowi!!! neweiz, thanks for reading guys.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


photo from dzmm

Marhay na tao asin bakong epokrito
Sarong honestong lider, bako lamang korapto
Orgulyo kan mga Bicolano
Oragon na NagueƱo
Dai mi ika malilingawan Mayor Robredo!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


photo from

Boylet: Uwig (term of endearment),  why do you need to wear makeup?

Me: Why do you  need to groom your hair?

Boylet: Grooming and vanity…they’re different, right?

Me: Sana bading ka na lang so you could understand my penchant.  But wait, real men wear makeup too. Look at Marilyn Manson. (lol)

Boylet: Let’s cut the crap. You are bitching again! Oh, you are hitting pan on powder already. Where's the nearest makeup counter? (lol)

Me: cuton ka! (lol)

Why do I wear makeup? The reasons are the following:
1.        I can express myself through makeup.
2.       I feel confident and beautiful.
3.       I want to make ASAR!!! lol

Monday, July 30, 2012

San Sung Restaurant

Boylet and I are currently saving for something.  So, we decided to cut our expenses.  We opted to be frugal and simplify our lifestyle.   We choose DVDs over cinemas. We rarely take a cab. We don’t go out of town.  We seldom go to the mall (I did mention that window shopping is not my cup of tea).  He had his internet connection cut.  I hardly ever  shop for clothes and stuff.  He becomes contented with my 5-minute kneading rather than to pay for a masseuse.   I seldom go out for lunch and choose to savor Manang Shalala’s luto.  I associate myself with rich and generous friends (lol).  In grocery shopping, I only pick items which I really need.  I do some of his laundry. He irons his clothes.   We do the chores ourselves instead of paying for someone to do them. 

We save but we do not allow ourselves to be deprived.   We find happiness in simple things.  There are inexpensive ways to be happy.  Number one in the list…sleeping!  I can sleep the whole day without having a headache.  Boylet can do it too.  That’s one of the few things we have in common.  Talk about things in common, we both love to pig out.  We still dine out during Sundays.   And his favorite…Korean food! Thanks to TCAT Philippines. I was able to purchase  a voucher which entitles the bearer to dine at San Sung, a Korean restaurant located along Makati Avenue, a few steps away from my boylet’s apartment.     Two Bibimpop plus a set of side dishes for P250 is a steal, right?     

Our San Sung experience...(Photos were taken from Tcat Philippines)

Boylet consumed all the side dishes.

He also enjoyed the bowl of Bibimpop and the  seafood soup (I forgot the Korean name). Me? I was kinda embarrassed when the Korean owner saw that I did not touch my Bibimbop. Friends, I don’t eat veggies!

We ate here to have an authentic Korean experience.  I tried hard to use chopsticks too. (Panggap to the nth level!) lol.

Will I come back? I'm not into kimchi.  Boylet needs to force me. lol

2 Bibimpop+set of side dishes (orig price P500)        P250
1 seafood soup                                                              250
1 San Mig Pale Pilsen                                                    50
Total                                                                         P550

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have mentioned before that I’m earning a salary which is only enough for my daily necessities ( I consider makeup as a    It’s because I’m working in a government agency.  Yes, I’m a kawani ng gobyerno! I am not a minimum wage earner but compared to my boylet and friends who are working in  private companies, I consider my salary low.  However, I’m happy (Don’t get me wrong, boylet is passionate about his work but he’s a bit pressured).    I have a cool working environment.  We are like a family here.  I call my officemates tito/tita/kuya/ate.   My officemates are not bitchy.   My boss is not horrible.  The CEO is the coolest and sweetest.  And most of all, I like my job, albeit, not my dream job.

 I’m part of the Plans and Programs group.  One of the functions of the group is to validate reports submitted by regional offices. It means visiting regional offices.  It’s travelling and making a living rolled into one.  Now, you know why I like my job!

Last week, I was tasked to visit Northern Tagalog Region and Bicol Region.  What did I do there? I worked and had fun (on the side). Below are the snapshots.

                                      Buffet at Bali Kapampangan (San Fernando, Pampanga). 

I settled on adobong balut, calderetang bibe, chicken adobo,   tocino, tempura and lengua.  Adobong Balut is yum yum yum!!!

                                                            The magnificent Mayon

We stayed at Coastal View Resort.  It’s located in Sto. Domingo, Albay, 30-minute drive from Bicol Regional Office.   Nice view eh? We were not permitted to use the pool.  It looked dirty anyway!

                                                 Here’s  my room.  It’s big and cozy.

 The biggest turnoff…the dirty and clogged bathroom!  It’s really unforgivable. 

                     It’s a must to visit Cagsawa Ruins.  We also bought our pasalubongs here. 

Dream job...stay put! I’ll tour around the Philippines first. lol

Mabalos  (thank you) for reading guys!

Friday, July 6, 2012


 Can you remember Raspberry Bratsplash from Bench?  I was a fan of it back in high school. It’s sweet. I loved it but as I mature, my taste for perfumes has evolved.   Right now, I’m not into sweetie, girly scents.  I’ve been there!   Needless to say, I’m not into berry scents.  But hey, Jeanne from the house of Lanvin makes me want to strike out my previous statement.

Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women.  It was launched in 2008.   The nose behind it is Anne Flipo. Top notes are blackberry, lemon and pear; middle notes are peony, freesia and raspberry; base notes are sandalwood, amber and musk.


I must say it’s a girly scent for all ages.  It doesn’t follow, right? Lol.  Let me explain.   I’m in my late 20’s but my age doesn’t bar me from being bubbly and girly.  I consider myself a woman but there is always a girl in me.  I believe women of all ages, have playful and girly facet.  Jeanne by Lanvin captures this side of every woman. 

The scent is fruity.   It’s bursting with berries.    However, it’s not extremely sweet.  And that attribute makes me like it.  I describe it as soft, shy and refreshing perfume.  It does not upset my nose or my boylet’s.   For me, it’s a perfect day scent.  The staying power? Hmmm…average but better than Eclat d’ Arpege. 

As to the flacon, it’s lovely and feminine.  The atomizer’s cap has the mother and daughter insignia of Lanvin.  Inspite of its beauty, it’s a pain to use.  It’s  huge and heavy and the cap snaps off easily! But since it has an average staying power, I need to bring it in my bag. 

As a whole, I love it! I’m like 80% sure that you’ll love it too!  It’s a people pleaser!

Place bought: ChaScents (seller of authentic perfumes)
Price: P 2,100
(should you want to purchase, email me at 

Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey! I’m back…not yet to my old self but I’m getting there.  The past weeks were hellish.  Thank goodness I survived.  I may still encounter “post mistake consequences”  (mistake which I did not commit) but I don’t want to think about it.    I’m tired of thinking and worrying.  Anyway, why do I need to worry when I can pray?     As of the moment, I just want to focus on what is good and positive.   Please find below the reasons why despite of what had happened, I still feel blessed.

1.       I know God is always  with me.   
2.       I have a  family.  Papa and Mama are  brave and strong and prayerful. 
3.       I have friends.  They may not know what I’ve been going through but I feel their support and concern.
4.       I have understanding officemates.  I do appreciate when they did not ask me, “what’s wrong?” 
5.       I have lawyer friends. They give me options. (lol)
6.       I did not lose my sanity.
7.       I came to realize that life is not perfect…and we are not faultless. 
8.       I  feel valued and loved.
9.       I bought my first ever MAC red lippie which I think I deserve.  I got it to cover up my pain.  (I sooo love it.)
10.   I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks.

Before (122 lbs)

After (118 lbs)

I can't find the blouse I wore in the "before" photo.

I hope you could notice the difference.


I cannot write about discipline  and self-control because I did not need them during my first two weeks of Project Fit and Toned.

I’ll make an update after another two weeks.  I promise my post will be about fitness in its strictest sense.

Thanks for reading guys!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Everyday’s a cheat day.  I’m kidding.  I was not able to resist my officemates' invite.  Self control, what happened to you?  Anyhow, I’ll compensate on the succeeding days.  I do regret having lunch with them.  Okay, I admit, I don’t.  Look at the pictures below and you’ll get the picture! I want to mention that I went to the restaurant only with a hungry tummy.  I really love  “galit sa pera” friends! Lol

I ordered lasagna.  The serving is hefty.  It can actually feed two famished tummies.

Pork Siomai.   This is good.  I did not taste the extenders.

Puto Pao.  Nathaniel’s is known for their puto pao.  For me, it’s a so-so.   

Buco Pandan. Sinful!

Runel  and Atty Mitch had Pancit Palabok.  The serving is huge too.

Having tasted their chow, I do recommend Nathaniel’s. They offer hefty and delicious meals that will not hurt your wallet.

Price range:  P65-150

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Substitute to Emotional Eating

Okay, you are sad and devastated.  You want to be happy so, you want to grab chocolate bars or  you want to munch a bag of chips in one sitting.  Every bite is bliss. You forget the blues as you masticate the so-called comfort food.     That is happiness in the short term.   After you consume it, you go back to being lonely.  The eating gives rise to weight gain, insecurities and aggravated sadness.  Malungkot na nga, mataba pa!  How excruciating is that?

To prevent yourself from emotional eating,  you may want to try any of the following:

1.        Go to water spa.   Loosen up and swim away  your pain and sadness.   
2.       Get a body scrub and a relaxing  massage. 
3.       Visit a  salon.  Have a new hair cut or have your hair treated.  Have your nails done.  You need to feel good about yourself.  You need to feel beautiful.  You need to love yourself more.
4.       If you have moolah, shop.  Get yourself a new top or a red lipstick.  (Unlike other women,  I don’t find happiness in window shopping, it makes me feel disappointed.) 
5.       Do the laundry or scrub the floor.  Be productive.  You don’t need to think.  You just need to make yourself busy.
6.       Go to the gym.  Sweat out your angst.
7.       Relax and watch a movie.  Have your mind preoccupied.   Watch "feel good" movies.    
8.       Pray.

There is sunshine always after the rain.  In the meantime, do not punish yourself.  Life is short to be stuck in the dungeon of bitterness. We may falter but we are capable to be on our feet again!

Thanks for reading guys!  Stay tuned for my Project Fit and Toned post. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

dear chasen

You are strong. You are brave.  God is with you.
Now, put on the red lippie!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Spouses Victor Ma. Gaston and Lydia Gaston, the private respondents, filed a complaint for damages with preliminary  injunction/preliminary mandatory injunction and temporary restraining order before the Regional Trial Court against petitioners Sta Clara Homeowners Association (SCHA). 

The complaint alleged that the private respondents purchased their lots in Sta. Clara Subdivision and at the time of the purchase, there was no mention or requirement of membership in any homeowners’ association.    From that time on, they have remained non-members of the SCHA.   They also stated  that an arrangement was made wherein homeowners who  were non-members of the association were issued non-member gate pass stickers for their vehicles for identification by the security guards manning the subdivision’s entrances and exits.  This arrangement remained undisturbed until sometime  in the middle of March 1998, when SCHA disseminated a board resolution which decreed that only its members in good standing were to be issued stickers for use in their vehicles. 

Petitioners filed a motion to dismiss arguing that the trial court had no jurisdiction over the case as it involved an intra-corporate dispute between SCHA and its members.  The proper forum must be the Home Insurance and Guarantee Corporation (HIGC).   They  stated that that the Articles of Incorporation of SCHA, which was duly approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission , provides that the association shall be a non-tock corporation with all the homeowners of Sta. Clara constituting its membership.  Its by-laws also contains a provision that all real estate owners automatically become members of the association.    Moreover, the private respondents allegedly enjoyed the privileges of membership and abided by the rules of the association, and even attended the general special meeting of the association members. 

 Whether or not the private respondents are members of SCHA

      The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association includes the freedom not to associate.  The right to choose with whom one will associate oneself is the very foundation and essence of the partnership.  It should be noted that the provision guarantees the right to form an association.  It does not compel others to form or join one.

           Private respondents cannot be compelled to become members of SCHA by the simple expedient of including them in its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws without their express or implied consent.  True, it may be to the mutual advantage of lot owners in a subdivision  to band themselves together to promote their common welfare.  But that is possible only if the owners voluntarily agree, directly or indirectly, to become members of the association.  True also, membership in homeowners’ association may be acquired in various ways – often through deeds of sale, Torrens  certificates or other forms of evidence of property ownership.   However, when private respondents purchased their property and obtained Transfer Certificates of Title, there was no annotation showing automatic membership in the SCHA.   Thus, no privity of contract arising from the title certificate exists between petitioners and private respondents. 

Monday, June 11, 2012


Last week was one helluva week for me.  I cried a river but  I opt not to disclose the details.  The important thing is…I’m good and invincible!  The week was wrapped up by the shocking defeat of Pacman.  Oh yeah…I’m a boxing fan and I’m so disgusted by the result.  Crap! It was an obvious robbery!    I’m no boxing expert but my boylet and I have a score card.   We scored conservatively.  We gave Bradley the five close rounds and we gave Pacquiao the seven rounds which we thought he flat out won.  What happened? We all know what happened unless we were born yesterday.  But since the decision is final and unappealable,  the only remedy  left is to  accept…uhmmm… the existence of greedy millionaires! (lol)

There are really matters which are unappealable…matters  which need to be acknowledged.  But there are those which call for remedies.    An example of the latter is my plumpness!   I can’t simply accept the fact that I’m fat.  I can’t simply say…hey, I love my body! I really don’t. I have flabs everywhere.  But I still consider myself lucky because I can get rid of them.    All I need is DISCIPLINE.  You see, I’m a voracious eater.  It’s difficult for me to control my craving.  I love sweets! But I guess it’s high time for me to be sweet to my body.  I need to cut my food intake.  I need to be physically active.  I need to love my body!

 A week ago, I stumbled upon the blog of Rae of Scatterbraintures.  I emailed her my intention to join Project Fit and Toned.  She replied pleasantly setting forth the requirements.  Rae, count me in!

                        I’m 4’11 tall weighing 122 lbs.

Who's the father?! Swear, I'm not pregnant! lol

Below is my game plan.

1.       Eat right (breakfast: cereals/soda cracker and coffee; lunch: ½ cup rice and fish/veggies; snack: coffee; dinner: fruits/vegetable salad).  I can’t give up coffee.  I’m a no coffee, no work person.)
2.       Sleep at least 6 hours a day.
3.       Use the stationary bike for 30 minutes every day.
4.       Do leg raise (50 reps per day)
5.       Jog every Saturday.
6.       Maintain a food journal. 
7.       Say no to soda, junk food, fast food and sweets (includes frap).
8.       Drink more water.

Goal: 100 lbs by December 2012

Feel free  to give suggestions. 

Good luck to me! Thanks for reading guys.  I’ll do an update after two weeks.