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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Father's Day at Privato Hotel

My husband gave  me a big surprise on Mother’s Day, so I believed it’s just fair to return the favor. Haha.   However, knowing my husband, he wouldn’t appreciate “Happy Father’s Day” letter cut-outs, balloons, flowers or mushy message on Facebook.   Making him feel  extra special is a bit hard.   I always make him feel  special, that’s why.  Haha.  I mean, I always cook yummy food for him so, a  surprise breakfast won’t be a pasabog.   He is also not a maporma type of guy.  He buys clothes simply because he can’t go to work naked.  So, buying him clothes will not make him extra happy.  He doesn’t have sports.  He is not into NBA.  He is not adventurous. He has not climbed a mountain, and has not tried wakeboarding or surfing.  Skydiving is not in his to-do list. He is not into gadgets.  He is not into photography.  See, it’s  hard to choose a gift for him.    Yes,  I am married to a nerd and  “boring” guy.  And I like it.    I am married to  a guy who finds happiness in sleeping, reading, playing games on his cellphone, and being couch potato with me and Baby C.  Do not think that my husband does not have a passion.  Actually, he is very passionate. He is very passionate about his job.  He is passionate about giving us our needs and wants.  He is passionate about being a husband to me, and a father to Baby C.   And I thank God every single second for giving me the husband that I prayed for.  You know what? When I was in college, I made a checklist of my dream guy.  It was very specific.  Maputi, matangos ang ilong, Engineer/Lawyer/Doctor/CPA etc., ganyan ka-specific.  As expected,  I had boyfriends who fell short of my standards. Kung maka-standard, akala mo naman kagandahan. Haha. But, girls, it’s never bad to aim for the sky.    Dan is definitely not the “sky”, but he is one amazing guy.  He is a loving husband, and an “all out” father to Baby C.   And he is maputi,  matangos ang ilong, and an Engineer, and very gwapo.  Hahaha.  I’m GGSA (Gwapong gwapo sa asawa), I know. 

To celebrate the kagwapuhan of my husband …I mean Father’s Day, I booked a Deluxe Double Queen  Room at Privato Hotel.  I read and heard good reviews of the hotel.  That’s why I chose it despite the distance from our home.  I thought I it was a good deal since we paid only  P2500  for a 28 sqm room, with two double beds.   But, sad to say, it didn’t meet my expectation.  Perhaps my expectation was high.   (Warning: Very Honest Review Ahead)

The hotel's reception area was clean but a bit crowded. The queue was a “blockbuster”.  It was understandable because it was Father’s Day.

They only have two elevators.  As expected, they were not enough to accommodate all the guests.  
The hallway was narrow and really warm.  It was not airconditioned, and the ventilation was really poor.     It didn’t have a hotel-ish vibe. For me, it was like a residential condominium.

The room.  At first, the smell was  a bit weird.  But, after a few minutes, we got immune. Haha. However, the beds were ok. The linens were clean and new.  The A/C was functioning well.  There was also a tea facility,  and a  cooking area , which we were not able to use.

What really pissed me off was their breakfast buffet.  The P2,500 rate did not include breakfast, so , we still paid P350 each for breakfast.  For a breakfast buffet, it was cheap, right?  But,  our experience was very unpleasant.  The food was limited, that we needed to wait at the buffet area for the refill.  The staff and crew were limited too.

Dan: Wala na bang cup?
Staff: Wala na po.
Dan: So, ganun na lang yun?

It was supposed to be a fun and chill day, because it was Father’s Day, but, they made my husband furious.  Hindi  kami nakapagkape dahil walang cup. Oh my! Nag Jollibee nalang sana kami.  

In our attempt to erase the negative vibes, we went to the roof deck pool.  It’s a photogenic KIDDIE POOL.  It was crowded, and it was a kiddie pool.  Baby C had so much fun there, so keri lang.

Their saving grace, the skyline view.  However, I couldn’t stand staying at the roof deck because it was warm. 

Overall, I think I got what I paid for (or maybe not).  Do I recommend Privato Hotel?  If you are doing business  near the area, and you just want a room to spend the night, and you have limited budget, this average hotel is perfect for you.  But, if you are planning for a relaxing staycation, and you have a limited budget,  I’d recommend to increase your budget (haha), and look for a   better hotel.  Seriously. 

Despite the foregoing  experience, we still enjoyed our staycation.    Our Privato stay was still  packed  with giggles, cuddles and love.    Thanks to my husband and to my cute little girl.  Indeed, their presence is more than enough to brighten any day. 

Thanks for reading.