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Monday, May 28, 2012


They say oiliness is next to ugliness.  I concur.  Sebum (oilies) makes the skin look dark, displaces makeup and repels kisses (lol).  Having an oily skin (and being one who wants to be kissed), I consider oil blotting sheet a handy buddy.

Before, I used regular oil films sold at Watsons for P40-60.  Oh yes, I’m a real sucker for anything inexpensive.  In fairness, they absorb oil.  And that sole attribute impressed me already.  I liked looking at the film soaked up with oil. (eeew)

Last week, while at Watsons, I was enthralled by the packaging of Kleenex Oil Blotter.  You know how I like purple.  In short, I picked it even though it’s way more expensive than my old brand.   

It’s beautiful on the outside and more beautiful on the inside!  The sheet feels soft.  As it professes, it absorbs 2x more oil than conventional oil blotters.   It does not wipe out make up as long you do not rub it on your face.  Just pat it gently, that’s the trick!

 The other side of the sheet has a  tasteful floral pattern .  It feels softer than the plain side.  It is designed to obstruct oil from seeping through. 

The downside, it looks too feminine that my boylet prefers his old brand!

Will I buy it again? YESSSSS!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Below are the stuff I got last week.

Pink coin purse, a pasalubong from Tita Agnes, my office mate.  This serves as my lippies' new abode because I find it roomy for a coin purse.

Mary Kay Brush from beauteous Edhel.  She gave this as a freebie.... so sweet of her.  Should you want to purchase stuff from Mary Kay, just approach her.  She's more than willing to assist you in finding products that will suit your skin and shape.  She also conducts free facial. :)

                     Flat shoes from Michaela.  I got this at 50% off. I'm easily lured by items on sale. 

Lavender Body Wash from Body Treats. According to my  sweet and dashing  friend Runel, this serves as his sleeping pill (he doesn't swallow it ha).  Watson sells it  on a buy one take one promo.  He bought one, I took the other one. No! We split the tag! Btw, Runel is not a gay. In truth and in fact, he's an eligible bachelor...promise!

                               Kleenex oil blotter.  I'm impressed! I need to make a review on this.

                    Reed diffuser.  This literally converts my little jail cell into a room sweet room.

Flat shoes from Solemate.  I got these 2 pairs for P399.  They're soft and comfy. Best buy, indeed.

                                                 Eau d' Hadrien by Annick Goutal.  My love!

                                               Jeanne by Lanvin.  I'll post a review on this.

I also got stuff from Sahara and Jockey for my sweet of me! I was too excited to hand them to him that I forgot to take photos.

I know I splurged! I'll be frugal this week...promise!

Thanks for reading guys! 

Friday, May 18, 2012


I’m certainly not a shoeholic.  I don’t love shoes as much as I love my weekly  grocery shopping. (Lol)  And  for me, to become a self-confessed shoe addict, one must own a pair of Prada at least (kidding aside).   I have nothing against women who are into shoes.  If you have the money and the urge, then splurge. ..plain and simple.  Unlike men, I completely understand them.  My penchant for perfume makes me understand them! (lol) Unlike other women,   I only have few pairs.  Most of them are from my aunt.  I’m  lucky because we have the same shoe size. I’m  extra lucky because we have  work uniforms and all I need is a pair of decent black shoes. (Thanks Auntie Quelly for my black Bally.)
When it comes to shoes, I never compromise comfort.  I really don’t give a darn if my shoesies are not fashionable or if they don’t give the additional height that I need.  I just want  a loyal pair…a pair willing to come with me in trekking MRT stations without giving me blisters and discomfort!  Two months ago,  I happened to browse the website of Anthology shoes.  Perhaps, the write-up caught my attention.  The description of each pair boils down   to a rare combo of comfort and style!  After contemplating (I don’t buy shoes on a whim.), I convinced myself to click the order button.

The fact that I never had a pair of boat shoes corroborated by the fact that it was on sale, choosing Rio de Janeiro was a walk in the park decision.  My first choice was Rio/Marigold .  I was enchanted by the silver shoe lace. Due to its unavailability, I got Rio/Scarlet.     I personally picked them at The Ramp Trinoma because I wanted to try them on first before shelling out my moolah.  When I inserted my feet, I felt nothing but comfort!

Here’s Rio de Janeiro/Scarlet. The outside is  made  of orange suede and brown leather lace.  The inside has a genuine leather lining and a cushioned insole.  The fact that these lovies are crafted by Pinoys gives me the extra pride!!!