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Friday, February 27, 2015

English eh...duh!

Hiring a nanny is indispensable if you are a working mom unless you are one of those lucky few who have parents/relatives   willing to take care of your kid/s. Being one of the former, I hired a nanny.  It took months before I found one.  Just like all moms, I’m choosy. Mas choosy pa  ako ngayon kesa nung naghahanap ako ng boyfriend. lol. Just imagine leaving your kid/s to a total stranger.   After the long quest for a nanny, I welcomed Ate Diyosa into our home and into our lives.   Although I am older than her, I call her Ate Diyosa.  I want Baby C to call her Ate Diyosa, not Yaya Diyosa.  Para kasing pangmayaman na masyado kung  yaya ang tawag. Lol.  And I  want her to feel that she’s part of the family.    

Ate Diyosa is  only 18.  Unang salta niya sa Manila.     Let’s  just say that  she’s not the “heaven sent” type of nanny.  She doesn’t cook. She wakes up late.  She doesn’t clean well.  Yes. At times, she’s a pain in the a#$! But, I promised myself that I won’t let nanny’s imperfection stress me out…that I will learn to manage my expectation.    Despite her flaws, I like her.  Madiskarte at madisposisyon na bata.  At hindi magpapaloko at magpapaapi (though she looks na├»ve).  It’s too early to say this but  I think  she’s  honest and trustworthy too.   And she has the most important quality of a nanny…she’s passionate about her main job, that is babysitting.  She’s patient, dependable and cheerful. She can make my baby laugh.  Actually, she can make us laugh too.       

Me: Babe, grabe ang gagaling mag English nung mga bata na nakasabay ko sa elevator.  Dapat ganun din si Baby C.
Dan:  Eh di dapat kausapin natin ng English si Baby. Nosebleed tayo diyan. Ate Diyosa, kausapin mo si Baby na English ha. Marunong ka ba?
Diyosa:  Oo naman, Yes!

The next day, we went to the mall. Iniwan ko sandali si Ate Diyosa sa Starbucks. Pagbalik ko…

Diyosa: Ate, kinausap po ako nung katabi kong babae kanina. Di ko nga pinansin.
Me: Bakit naman di mo pinansin?
Diyosa: English eh.
Me: Akala ko ba Oo naman, yes, marunong ka mag English?
Diyosa: Marunong nga po. Niyayabangan lang po ata ako nung babae eh. Pilipino naman, di nalang magtagalog.  Kaya yun, di ko nga pinansin. Duh!

Oo nga naman, marunong nga naman siya mag English…at magpalusot! DUH! lol 

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Mother’s Love

Hi everyone! If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably know the subject of this blog post. I already have a baby!  Her name is Cean but I dotingly call her Baby C.   No. I am not a fan of Gossip Girl! Lol. 

They say children cannot choose their parents, and vice versa but not in our case.  I chose to be a mom.  I chose to be a mom to Baby C.  Honestly, it was not an easy choice.  At first, it was like “Yes! I want to have a baby!” But having a baby is not as easy as that.    It is not as easy as getting a new bag or adopting a pet or even saying  yes to a proposal.  It’s a commitment.  It’s a covenant that I will love her more than I love my husband...more than I love myself.  You know, that thing called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…

 I consulted Him.  I prayed  and it worked.  As always, prayers work.  The next thing I knew, Baby C was already in my arms. That moment, I learned what unconditional love is.  That moment, I realized that I made the biggest yet the best decision in my life.    That moment, I became a MOM. 

My mommy journey has just started.  There are still so many things to learn.  I never thought feeding bottles could be so expensive. Lol.  And I guess I need to learn how to suppress my instinct for baby stuff shopping. Lol.  Thanks to some of my friends for the tips and all. And Google has been very helpful these days.

My friend wrote and emailed me this poem. This made me burst into tears so I believe this is worth sharing.

A mother's love is not measured how you had a baby.
It's not about the conception or delivery
It could be through surrogacy, in-vitro or adoption
Doesn't matter if it was normal or c-section.

A mother's love is not measured if you had an epi
Or you delivered drug-free.
It isn't about giving breastmilk or formula
Being in a hospital, at home or with a doula.

A mother's love is not measured through sleep-training
If you're giving him a paci or you're co-sleeping.
A mother's love is not just being the real mommy or daddy
Whether you're traditional or techy.

A mother's love is measured by how much one cares.
By having patience when everyone loses theirs.
By loving someone unconditionally
Someone who maybe cute or ugly, sick or healthy.

Thank you for reading.