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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Consolation Prize: Niqua Bags

I’m being too emotional these days.  I easily cry. I easily get pissed off.     Sorry to burst your bubble, but
these mood swings have nothing to do with my “hormones”.  I  am  just frustrated and sad.

People who know me  except for my  husband would be surprised reading this post. They thought  that I am really not affected, that I’m healed a day after the result of the “battle”.  I guess I am good at hiding my feelings or maybe people around me know what I am going through but they  choose to let me feel that everything’s normal and okay (which I appreciate).   

For days, my husband’s spiel to console me was  “It’s okay. It doesn’t define you.  Move forward. I still love you.”

With the thought  that his encouraging spiel was not working, “Babe, let’s go to the mall. Let’s buy the bag  ( you showed me.”

“I don’t deserve a bag”, my reply.

Then,  I saw a very tempting IG post of @Niquashop, with the caption Bags Bags and More Bags...

“Babe, I’m entitled to change my mind, right?”, showing him the IG post.

He just laughed and transferred funds to my account.   

I like  Niqua bags.  They’re  simple yet chic. They’re inexpensive (considering the quality) yet they don’t  look cheap. And they are made in the Philippines!

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 I got Manico Large in burgundy.  It’s roomy, structured yet light.  However, it’s not mandurukot-proof since it has no zipper. I guess it was not designed for commuters like me. lol 

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I also got the Dottore Medium in dark mustard.  Ang lakas maka- lady boss nito.  Lol

Call me shallow, but they somehow minimize my frustration. Indeed, "retail therapy" is therapeutic. lol
On a serious note, let me take this opportunity to thank  my husband, not just for giving me money to buy the bags (lol) but also for making me feel that I’m not the stupidest person on Earth. I would like also thank my  parents, siblings and friends for the encouraging words. And to my darling daughter, I thank you for making me feel so blessed, despite mommy’s failure. 

They are so right.  I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and laban ulit.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Post Valentine's Date at T House Tagaytay

Two years ago, I blogged about our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife.  We had a date in a burger stand near the condo we were renting then.  It was a cheap date, yes.  However, it was date filled with hopes and dreams.  Our reason for not spending too much was we were saving for something bigger than a plate of steak i.e. a home which we can call our own.

Last year, what we had for Valentine’s Day were bichobicho and water shared with the carpenters/electrician who renovated our condo.   It was a cheap date, yes.  However,  it was a date filled with fulfilment.  During that time, we already saw the fruit of our  burger dates and “tuyo” diet. 

 This year’s Valentine’s Day, we just stayed  at  home..  It was a cheap date, yes. However, it was a date filled with joy.  It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.  It’s not only because our dream to have our own crib was realized but also because of the “crib  in our crib”.   The day was spent playing with Baby C, eating home-cooked meals and watching my husband work from home.  He’s sweet like that.   A hardworking man is the sweetest – a  man who let you sleep well at night, without having to worry where to get the next day’s breakfast. 

Don’t ever think that I’m a cheapskate, that I don’t like beautiful stuff, that I don’t enjoy going out because in truth and in fact, I do love anything beautiful and luxurious.  Who doesn’t?  From time to time, when my wallet permits, I do indulge.  I shop. I eat out.  I travel... just like I did to celebrate love love love.
As a Post-Valentine date, we travelled to Tagaytay City.  Hotel’s rate is much cheaper a week after Valentine’s day.   No. It was not a “honeymoon”.  We brought Baby C and Ate Diyosa with us.  Because of that, our number one consideration in looking for a hotel was it must be baby-friendly.  Of course, I don’t need to mention that it should be within our budget.

Relying on blogs and reviews, I chose to stay at T House Tagaytay.  It’s a four-star bed and breakfast.  The location is a bit far from the busy Tagaytay streets (where restos are located). Also, It has no Taal Volcano view. However, those were not issues for us.  We just wanted a relaxing setting which must include a huge bed with crisp white sheets, clean  bathroom, trees, fresh air and stuff pleasing to the senses.  Our requirements were met by T House Tagaytay.  The place was simply beautiful and relaxing.   Our room was more than fine. It was clean and huge enough to accommodate two huge beds.  The bathroom, however, was small.  And the hot shower and toilet flush were busted!!! Imagine the hassle.   In fairness, they instantaneously responded to our complaint.  It somehow lessened my disappointment. 

Overall, our stay in T House Tagaytay was great. It would have been perfect sans the bathroom issues.

Thanks for reading.

Ps. I'll post pictures later. I'm still figuring out how to transfer pics from Ipad to PC.