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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sundroid+Popoy and Basha Shooting Location

Boylet and I are not   techie.  We don’t have the latest gadgets. We are already fine with our  Acer Laptop and with  our low-tech phones.   We both classify Iphone and Ipad as “Idon’tneed”. (However, gifts are welcome.)  I’m not sourgraping here ha.  I respect and understand those who are into gadgets.   We have our own penchants.  Besides, we could afford them if we wish. Hihihi.   Since I am married to a bookworm, Kindle was the only gadget that I wanted  until I found out about Sundroid Rush.

I’ve been a  Sun subscriber for four years.  Like other subscribers, I am not that satisfied with their customer service.   My first draft was a rant against Sun Customer Service. However, I  believe that my blog is not the proper venue for complaints.   So, I’ll just showcase my new phone and tablet from SunCellular.

photo source

I got them as “loyalty” for my Plan 600.  The plan includes Sun to Sun Unlicall and text, 350 texts to other networks and 250 consumable.  It’s a steal.  If surfing  is your thing, Plan 999 is for you.  The plan comes with Samsung Galaxy Y and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0, unlisurf, unlitext to Sun, 4 hours call to Sun. 

Since I’m not a gadget expert, I am not capable of giving you a detailed review.  But, I’ll give it a try.  As to the Alcatel phone, the resolution is okay.  It’s good for watching videos and fb browsing in the office.    You can easily keep it when the boss suddenly appears at your cubicle. ( Kidding aside.)  However,       it’s difficult to type or perhaps I’m not used to touch screen phones. Up to now,  I still use my Samsung flashlight phone  as my main phone.  Another thing, there are times that the screen does not respond.    As to the Alcatel tablet, it’s love!  I already downloaded ebooks and  crossed out Kindle in my wish list.   I guess these gadgets are for people like us (boylet and me)  who  have  not experienced   high-end phones and tabs.    

Overall,   for P600 a month, Sundroid plan 600 is a great great deal.   

After I claimed my  “loyalty”, a loyal friend introduced me to an Italian restaurant, Bellini’s. It was the shooting location of the Popoy-Basha movie.  Interesting, no?  haha.   The nook has a welcoming ambiance.      The Italian owner was  like a party host.  He made sure that the guests were gastronomically satisfied.   The waiters were nice too...and they can speak Italian fluently!

  We had focaccia bread as appetizer,   pasta and of course  Bellini’s special pizza.

Focaccia bread and olive oil-vinegar-parmesan dip

Three color pasta something (forgot the name). 

Bellini's Special

Three words for Bellini’s…Authentic.Italian.Cuisine. 

Location: Cubao Expo, Cubao, Quezon City

Grazie for reading guys!