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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Boss:  Che, magkano kaya ang freight fee papunta ng batangas?

Me: Ano po ba papadala?

Boss:  Chocolates tsaka yung parang peanut butter.

Me:  Speculoos boss?

Boss: Oo. Ba’t mo alam? Mahal yun ah.

Me:  Boss naman,  sosyal kaya ako.

While discussing the budget for a particular project…

Boss: Che, diba taga Bicol ka, magkano airfare?

Me:  Boss, di ko  po alam.  Nagba-bus lang po ako.

Boss: Akala ko ba sosyal ka?



We received a windfall last week.   A huge chunk of it went to credit card bills.  Ugh. Oh well, at least, I’m near to zero credit card debt.  

And the remaining  was used to shop!!! Frugality didn't kill the girl in me. 

I bought office clothes   for my husband.    It was supposed to be my surprise but it  was me who was surprised by the "I-won’t-wear-them" rant.  He didn’t like my choices.  When I told  him that I will just return the merchandise, he said, “It’s embarrassing.  Okay, I will wear them.  I will just put on my jacket. ” 

Brand: Sahara Price: P550 (discounted)

Brand: Sahara Price: P550 (discounted)

Brand: Dansen Price: P300 (discounted)

I learned my lesson. 

I bought a Forever 21 dress  for myself too.   Shopping is frustrating nowadays.  From Small, my size jumped up to Large.  What happened to the bombshell in me? Haha. 

Brand: Forever 21 Price: P1,200+

A square-neck dress is the trick to look less flabby.  It would draw the eyes away from the flabby body areas like the tummy and arms.  This is my immediate action to conceal my plumpness.   My corrective action is to stop chewing sugar-packed food.   Do it Chasen! Just do it! 

“I promise to give you P20,000 if you become sexy on December 2013. (sgd) Dan”

This is my husband’s way of motivating me to reach my “Sexy on  Chadan’s first year anniversary” goal.
I’m also contemplating on whether or not to get this pair.



Monday, September 16, 2013


While reading Real Living magazine, a chair caught my attention.  It’s the Louis Ghost Chair. It’s really a wow, and the price…a whopping P12,000+ per piece.  Jeez! It’s so expensive. But, I am still dreaming to have these chairs  in my home sweet home.  


A wife can dream, right?

Speaking of our home sweet home, Dan (the husband) emailed me the revised layout.

For me, it’s okay, except that I want the counter top to be black.

And, I want the floor to be plain white. 

And, I am not that comfortable with the color of the kitchen backsplash.

What do you think? I would appreciate your suggestions.   

Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am scheduled to go to Naga City for the Pe├▒afrancia Fiesta two weeks from now.  As usual, my cute pamangkins will definitely welcome me with this...

and this… “Tita Ganda, anong pasalubong mo?”  

Choosing a pasalubong for them is effortless.  They appreciate almost everything.  The last time I went home, I brought   J.Co Donuts.  
Price: P550 (2 dozens) P350 (1 dozen) P40+ (1 pc)

“Tita Ganda, Favorite ko na ito.”

Then, I heard…

“Tita Ganda, Punta tayong SM.  National Bookstore tayo!”

The gullible Tita Ganda said OK.


On J.Co. Donuts:

I was not a fan of doughnuts.  That’s the reason why the J.CO hype did not catch my attention.  Oh, the long queue did.  Wasting  2 precious  hours for doughnuts? Crazy…just crazy!   My take on doughnuts has changed when J.CO opened its branch in Glorietta.  One time,  I took advantage of the short line to confirm my hypothesis  that JCO was overrated.  When I finished one Alcapone, I munched another one… and another one.     That was the start of J.Co-Chasen love affair.   J.Co is definitely not another “Magnum”.  J.Co donuts are yummers! Having said that, I still find the 2- hour- waiting time crazy! Lol.  Good thing, branches are already everywhere.

Here’s another Pasalubong suggestion.

Price: P1,000 (2 boxes of Cinnamon rolls, 1 loaf raisin bread)

I'm starving.

Thanks for reading.