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Friday, February 22, 2013


You all know that I am a  big fan of scents.   As I have told you , I would rather shell out my hard earned money for a flacon of perfume than to buy a pair of shoes.  But now that I’m already a missis, I resolved  to go easy with shopping for personal wants .  However, my scent addiction has not yet been rehabilitated.  Now, I’m raving for home scents.  Since lighting   an oil burner is not that safe, I go for fragrance diffusers.  I tried brands from SM and Robinsons but  they didn’t meet my expectation.  I also tried Zen Zest.  I hoarded several bottles when they were on sale.  In fairness, our entire house smelled divine.  However, when it was brought back to its original price, I had second thoughts.   I find the price steep.  The small bottle costs P250 and it only lasts for two to three weeks.
I was reading reviews of different fragrance diffusers when I stumbled upon the website of PotentillaDiffusers.   At that time they were on promo.  Buy two, get one at 50% off.  Okay, I admit I can be easily  magnetized by stuff on sale.  But that alone did not convince me.   What made me click the order button is the promise that the 60ml  will last up to three months.  There’s a collatilla however, that minty scents will last shorter due to higher evaporation rate. 

I chose Tea Party,  Pink Grapefruit and Thai Spa.  The first two are their bestsellers while Thai Spa which is made up of Lemongrass and Lavender is a personal choice. 

Right now, our entire home smells like a spa.   The fragrance even reaches  our room that I don’t need to open another Potentilla. For you to have an idea, we are living in a 35 sqm unit. But I think it can also cover large areas because the oil is so concentrated.

 I’m happy with my purchase.    Lemongrass and Lavender create a relaxing ambiance to our little abode.

Oops, another thing, I also appreciate that Potentilla answered my inquiry immediately.  I just wish that the  bottles come with boxes.                  

Price:     60 ml P299
                100 ml P450
                200 ml (refill) P650

Will I repurchase? Yes. Next time, I will buy the 200 ml refill.    

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the biggest VDAY gift

Last week, my facebook news feed was flooded with cheese.  “Thanks jowa for these beautiful flowers echos echos with jowa at  shushal resto.”  Oh…sweet. For real, I find it sweet.  Hehe.  Although I agree with Atty. Bingbong (a friend) that Valentine’s Day is a marketing tool of flower shops, restos, hotels, motels etc. , I still like the idea of guys buying something for their girlies.  I still like to watch macho guys carrying  a bouquet of flowers. And personally, receiving flowers makes me feel loved and beautiful and most of all, proud. Haha.

Last Puso day, I did not receive a bouquet of roses from Island Rose.  There was no candle lit dinner in a fancy restaurant.    However, I did not feel kawawa at all. The reason?  We are saving for something bigger than a plate of steak.   We are saving for  a condo unit similar to the photo below.

This is  a model unit. The actual unit will be delivered bare-finished.

I  like the induction hob.

I found the project through a flyer. I  looked into its records.   It has a license to sell.  It has no Notice of Violation/Cease or Desist Order.       

One Saturday, boylet and I visited the site.  After deliberating, we  made a unanimous decision…we want to live there!

What made us jump into that decision?

1.        Price.    We have agreed that the monthly amortization should not exceed 25% of our combined net income. The price of the unit  fits our housing budget.
2.       Location.  The project is conveniently located along Edsa.  It’s just minutes away from our office.  It’s one tumbling away from malls and other commercial establishments.
3.        Size.  It’s spacious. Well, it’s not that spacious. Let’s just say it can be converted up to 3 bedrooms.
4.       Payment scheme.  It has a flexible payment scheme.  The down payment can be paid on installment basis without interest. 
5.       Ready for Occupancy.  We don’t need to worry on whether the project will be developed or not.

Admittedly, the building is  not that  aesthetically impressive.  Also, it has only basic facilities. It has no swimming pool or a park or a gym.  Well, we can’t have everything considering that our housing budget is only limited.  Besides, we will not live there forever.  We still want to own our dream zen house  (pagmayaman na kami). For now, I am fine with condo living. 

To date, we have reserved a unit.

By the way, our Valentines was special.  He surprised me with 3 roses which I think he bought for less than P200.  lol.   We  enjoyed the big burgers and bottled coke in G Burgers (Gilid Burgers located sa gilid ng condo).   After our Gilid dinner, we called Ate Sandra for a relaxing massage.    See, we could live a sweet life without spending too much moolah.

Tinipid ni boylet ang kanyang allowance for him to buy me these roses. sweet noh?
Savor this sinfully delish burger for only P130.

location: Estrella St., Bangkal Makati City

Hopefully, next year, we will celebrate Valentines in our own home sweet home.

Thanks for reading!