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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sa Malamig na Lugar

We have decided not to push through with our Baguio trip since we don’t have enough funds for it.  But, when you deserve a vacation, all the universe conspires in helping you to have it. Hehe.  My husband’s aunt invited us for the house warming of their retirement home in Tagaytay.  Free accommodation, free food...of course, I instinctively confirmed our  attendance. I didn’t even consult my husband.  I was confident that he’ll say yes.

We went to Tagaytay a day before the house warming.  We were expected at around 5pm but since we were excited and we wanted to sip bulalo soup  without being too demanding to our host, we went earlier. We headed straight to Mahogany Market to satisfy our Bulalo and tawilis craving.  After our hearty meal, we went to Ayala Malls Serin and waited for our  uncle to pick us up.

Their retirement home is huge and modern and really beautiful. I was uttering WOW the whole time, and wishing that we could also  build our own retirement home.   A girl can dream, right? (But I'm no longer a girl. haha)

Here are some photos of our Tagaytay trip.


Isn't she lovely?

This photo was not staged. Promise.

Baby C enjoying the kalsada 

At Starbucks Magallanes Square

Our expenses (for 4 persons)
Fare (Pasay Rotonda to Tagaytay)            P86x4       P344
Fare (Tagaytay to Manila)                                           344   
Lunch (Bulalo, Rice, Tawilis and Drinks for 4)          650
Fare (Mahogany to SM)                                                 32
Starbucks (4 Drinks)                                                     600
 Total                                                                         P1,970

We had so much fun, and we were truly inspired.  Our Tagaytay trip was like a trip to our future. Hashtag RetirementGoals!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feeling Refreshed

I already mentioned in my last post that my husband and I became busy with work these past months.   (I think I even used it as an excuse for not updating my blog.)From November to February, my husband’s  self-imposed schedule was from 8am to 12midnight, Monday to Sunday (konti nalang, no noon break pa).  I have a very workaholic husband.  I no longer  tell him to slow down because it will just piss him off.  I, on the other hand, was likewise busy with the ISO certification thingy. I was busy worrying about the surveillance audit.  I admit, I am a worrier. But, I don’t show it. My husband didn’t even notice that something was bothering me. Oh well, he asked me why my hair were everywhere.  I suffer from hair fall every time I’m stressed or anxious.    Apart from that, I looked perfectly chill (although during the actual audit, my nervousness was a bit noticeable).  That’s how I differ from my husband. He’s very transparent and honest. There are times that he would wake me up at night and tell me  things that bother him.   Although he knows that I can’t understand a thing about his job (he’s a software engineer), he still thinks that I’m the best  person to confide his project setback.  In one of our midnight/morning conversations, my husband told me  “Pagnatapos talaga ito, magbabakasyon tayo. Akyat tayo ng Baguio.   I need to commune with nature. I need to be rejuvenated” I got so excited that the following day, I immediately googled “Baguio itinerary”.

The Surveillance Audit transpired a week after my husband finished his task.  Just right after the closing meeting, I texted my husband.

Me: Dada! We passed with flying colors.
Dan: Congrats Mommy! Ikaw pa.  Uy, kelan na tayo pupunta ng Baguio para maka pagfile na ako ng leave.
ME: Next week.
Dan: Ok.
Me: Wait, may pera ba tayo?
He did not reply.

I prepared two sets of travel budget, one is for “luxurious vacation” (decent hotel accommodation, fancy restaurants etc) and the other one is for  “vacation on a budget” (apartelle/dormtel accommodation) to be presented to my husband.

When he arrived home, our conversation went this way.

Dan: Nakakatawa ka.
Me: Why?
Dan: Oo nga ano, May pera ba tayo? Magkano ba kailangan?
I showed him my two computations.
Dan: Bakit parang narejuvenate na ako?
Me: Ako din nga eh. I feel totally refreshed!  (with feelings)

Then, we both burst into laughter.  We both realized that we didn't have that much funds to travel, and it became a laughing matter. Weird!

We are currently renovating our townhouse in Naga City. Honestly, we are not financially prepared for it.  Our budget for the townhouse renovation was only a fraction of our condo renovation budget.   Pinush lang talaga.  We need to make the townhouse livable at the soonest possible time.  We need to rent it out for us to  recoup our investment.  The remaining cash  that we have (which is not that much) will be our  buffer fund.   Hence, the lack of travel fund.  Touching our emergency fund (which is also not that much) is out of the question.

Tiles and partitions were installed.

A kitchen was constructed.

I am grateful that my husband and I share the same financial values.  I am also grateful that even in times of shortage, we can still afford to laugh.  

Thanks for reading.