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Friday, June 21, 2013


Last week, I had the opportunity to stay at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City.  It was not for relaxation purpose. I was not yet willing to splurge  for  a vacation.  Remember, my husband and I just had our quick, relaxing getaway in Ace Hotel and Suites.  It was a work-related travel and it was never relaxing.  Imagine, we worked until 10:30 in the evening.   No overtime pay… only psychic income.  I have to mention that I feel so proud that I belong in a government agency whose employees/officers  are so dedicated and passionate with their craft. 

Although the writeshop was almost 24/7, my old but trusty digicam still captured Taal Vista Hotel.  My crappy pics can be attributed to my lack of skill.  Please don’t blame my camera.  Replacing it is not a priority right now.     

I was housed here.  It’s old but clean.  I had a difficulty sleeping  because  the aircon produced a weird sound (creepy even).    I suggest they should fix the AC because it was also  dripping.  Another thing,  operating the TV was a pain in the *$$.  Someone from the housekeeping operated it for me.  I thought I was just jologs, but I found out that my officemates encountered the same problem.  Or maybe we were  all jologs.  Whatevs.   Placing an instruction on how to operate it is a piece of cake, right? 


Our hotel room’s view. Booo!!!  I was informed that there are rooms with Taal Volcano view.  Oh well, I was not that lucky.   

Here’s the restroom.  My major problem?  It has no bidet.  However, my concern was immediately addressed.  The housekeeping , upon request, instantaneously  provided me with a dipper.  I’m sorry but I can’t have a moment with only toilet paper at hand.

The pool area.  It was very inviting, noh? I repeat my travel order was not issued for recreation.

The breakfast buffet area.  I was too lazy to take photos of the food.  The taste?  Good especially the Bistek something. 

Buffet area’s view.    Magnifico!

Although my stay in Taal Vista was not a relaxing experience, I can say that the hotel  is a great place to unwind after a one helluva week in the metro…the Taal Volcano, fresh air, trees  and all.    

My  Tagaytay travel  may not be relaxing but it was definitely fulfilling.  Congrats to the Technical Working  Group headed by Atty D for beating the CEO’s challenge.  Indeed, it was a perfect  writeshop.

Hats off  to all  government employees with burning passion and dedication to deliver quality service to the public (despite the meager salary). 

Next stop…Baguio City.  Stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading!