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Friday, June 26, 2015


I almost had a heart attack (oa!) when I found out how much our Meralco bill for the month of June was. Actually, opening the envelope of our  electric bill  is always  like opening the  Ms. Universe winner’s envelope.  Parating may kaba. Haha.  Our June electric bill gave me a big shock (electric shock lol).   I was expecting a lower consumption compared to last month’s since our bakasyonistas (my husband’s relatives) went back to the province  but contrary to my expectation,  it went up by 100 plus kWh.  Then, I remembered  that early June, I was notified by the Condo Admin staff that they changed our unit’s electric meter.  It may be the cause.  I’m not certain.  I will talk to the admin staff first before I make a conclusion. It may be our actual electric consumption  and I just  find it difficult to admit.   Here’s the rundown of our appliances and their corresponding usage:

refrigerator – 24/7
water dispenser (hot and cold) – 24/7
water heater (shower) – 1 hour/day (approx.)
0.5 HP aircon (master’s bedroom)  -  10 hours/day (approx.)
1.5 HP aircon (living/dining area) – 5 hours/day (approx.)
0.5 HP aircon (guest room/nanny’s room) – 1 hour/day (average) We let our guests use the AC 24/7 or as their hearts’ desire.  We are hospitable like that. haha
Electric fan – 18 hours/day
Induction cooker – 2 hours/day (approx.)
Rice cooker – 30 mins./day (However, I realized that we don’t pull  the plug immediately after the “warm” indicator turns red.)    
Bottle Sterilizer – 30 mins/day
TV – 12 hours/day

Question: Is our P5,800 electric bill justified?   I still don’t know.  What I know is that we could still  decrease our electric consumption.  We will try to do the following:

1.        Turn off the Water Dispenser at night. 
2.       Decrease the time of aircon usage by at least 3 hours per day.
3.       Pull  the rice cooker’s  plug 3 minutes after it switches to  “warm” mode.
4.       Don’t use the water heater if the weather is not chilly.

Do you have any other power saving tips?

Thank you.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Getting Back on Track

Admittedly, I failed to track our household expenses for the last months. Yet, I’m quite sure that our expenses ballooned because of Baby C.  It’s expensive to have a baby.  Milk, diaper, nanny’s salary and vaccines eat up a portion of our household budget.  Our electricity went up by 100% too.  But the happiness of having our darling girl is PRICELESS!  Decreasing the budget for Baby C is definitely not an option.  My husband and I agreed that as much as we can, we will only give the best for Baby C when it comes to her needs, comfort, health and education.    

There are things that can’t be scrimped on.   There are also expenses that can be slashed.   I assessed our combined monthly income vis a vis our monthly fixed expenses.   I  realized that our fixed expenses (baby's milk and diaper, utilities, condo unit amort, house and lot amort, lot in Naga City amort) do not  exceed 50% of our  monthly income.  It means I  could do better – I could save more.  It means I should cut my variable expenses.  It means I am overspending. 

I  realized that I am spending so much on food and convenience.  I’ve been buying unnecessary food items aka junk food.  I also tend to junk foodstuff because of my failure to monitor their expiry date. Such a wastage!  I’ve been taking a cab instead of riding a  jeepney.  I’ve been eating out almost every week.  See, I’m being “feeling mayaman”.   

As a result, our savings is payat. Our stock investment is payat.  Our UITF is payat.  Ako na lang ang hindi pumapayat. Lol.

I realized that I’m starting to go back to my old ways.  No. That can’t happen!  

Because of the foregoing realizations, I wrote a sort of an action plan.

1.       Plan meals.
2.       Make a grocery list based on the planned meals.
3.       Buy more veggies and fruits  which are in season.  Stop buying junk food.
4.       Recycle leftover.  Convert it into another ulam.
5.       Bring baon.
6.       Follow the first in first out (FIFO) method and always check the expiry date.
7.       Wake up early and move faster so that you will not take a cab just to beat the bundy clock.
8.        Limit eating out to two per month.
9.    Stick to the budget and track your expenses.
10.   Focus on your goal - FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

If I follow these, I'm quite certain that our monthly savings will increase by at least 50%. 

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Weight gain has been my perennial concern since high school years.  You know , I was not actually obese or even chubby during high school and college.  My weight was normal. My picture below could attest to that.  But during those times, I felt so fat.   I  perceived myself as lumba lumba.   I guess it was part of  growing up – the I-feel-so-dissatisfied-with-my-appearance phase.   The mother in me hopes that my guess is  wrong, that  there is no such phase,  that Baby C will always feel beautiful and confident (but not conceited). As much as I want to shield her from negative feelings and stuff, I know that all I could do is to guide her...and yes, pray for her. 

studio photo with my ex-boyfriend 

It took a long time before I fully accepted my  shape, my skin and myself as a whole.  It took a long time before I accepted  that I’m pango, that my eyes are not of the same size, that my legs are short, that I’m not the beauty queen material (pangarap ko kaya maging beauty queen lol).  It took a long time before I fully embraced my flaws and imperfections.   It took a long time before I stopped obsessing about my appearance.   For a long time, I had been feeling a tinge of insecurity, envy and self-pity.    It was a long journey.     But now,   I can proudly say that I love every inch of Chasen. I celebrate my beauty and I don’t really give a darn on what people say about my appearance.     
Would you believe that the “Ang taba mo na!” comment no longer hurt me? True.  Oh, there was a time I caught myself quipping “Ikaw, ang pangit mo na!” It was not because I got  hurt  by my acquaintance’s  comment but because I found it improper. Imagine, it was Christmas eve and instead of greeting me  Merry Christmas, she said “Uy, ang taba mo na! Di kita nakilala.”  Okay. Fine. My reply was improper too. Pasko pa naman nun. Lol.  Pero di talaga ako nahurt. Promise.     

 I’m not skinny. I’m fat. I have flabby arms. I have bilbil. I have chubby cheeks.     Am I happy with my life? Yes. It’s because I believe that there’s more to life than my taba.    However,   it doesn’t mean that I can already  stuff my stomach with almost every edible stuff I see.   It doesn’t mean that I should stop losing the extra pounds.       Although I’m quite certain that my bilbil doesn’t define me , I  acknowledge the fact that having a healthy  weight still matters and the dangers of being overweight are real. 

I love my body that’s why I know that it deserves to be cared for.  I love myself that’s why I  will never  get tired of enhancing my appearance, my skills and talents. I will never ever get  tired of bringing out the best version of myself. 

Back to my question, why do I want to lose weight?
Because I want to do a matchy matchy OOTD with my daughter and I am afraid that the dress which I am planning to purchase from Twilo  won’t fit perfectly.  Now, scrap the foregoing paragraphs and look at the matchy matchy mother-daughter dresses.  They’re so cute, right?   

source: Twilo facebook account