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Thursday, January 24, 2013


“A family is like  a ship.  There can be only one captain.  It is the husband.”, Ninong Bimbim told us in his speech during our wedding.  “Weh?!”, the feminists exclaimed.  “And there can be only one treasurer!  It is the wife.”, he continued. “Ah okay!”, the feminists were convinced.  Lelz.

It is difficult for me to adopt the first statement. First off, I’m a domineering biatch! lelz .  Second, in our family, my mom makes almost all of the major decisions.  Please don’t take this against my father.  He’s a good man, a loving husband and a near perfect father.  It’s just that my mom’s decision-making ability  is better.    But since submitting to the husband is in the bible, I’m now in the process of becoming a submissive wife. 

I thought the second one  is pro-me. Contrary to my impression, keeping the purse is not easy.  I  need to spend wisely.  I need to say no to buying stuff on a whim.   It’s not because my boylet is a cheapskate or something.  It’s because I feel responsible for our fund.  It is not just my money, it’s already our money.   And our money will not be spent on the following: 

NOT TO BUY LIST (for this year lang ha...)

1.        A pair of shoes.  I can’t wear two pairs of shoes at the same time.  Nuff said.
2.       A bag.  I won’t buy a new bag until I pass the exams.  (parang mahirap tong panindigan ah). 
3.       Iphone or Blackberry.  I don’t need a hi-tech phone.  My Samsung phone which I bought for P800  is still in good condition…at madaming load!
4.       Ipad.  Idon’t need it. 
5.       Blush -on.  My Bobbi Brown blush-on perfectly suits my  skin tone. I don’t need another one.
6.       Eye palette.  I don’t know how to apply eye makeup.  Why will I buy it?
7.       Clothes from Divisoria.  I’ve decided to prefer quality over quantity.  Our small condo unit does not have a space  for  an  additional closet.    Besides, my boylet does not want me to go to Divisoria.   According to him, the bargain is not worth the effort.  It’s true unless the purchase is by bulk. 
8.       Jewelry.  MRT is my means of transportation.  I won't dare to wear valuable accessories. 
9.       Car.  As of now, we find it impractical to buy one.   My boylet’s transportation allowance is P16 a day.    If we acquire a car, our  expense will surely swell.
Number ten…tama na! lol.

I don’t consider myself  a minimalist or a simplifier.  Not yet.  But, I believe that there is more to life than acquiring stuff.

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Fit and Toned: Result

 “If you aim to hit the sky, you will hit the  tree top.  If you aim to hit the tree top, you’ll hit the trunk.  If you aim to hit the trunk, you will hit the what? Miss Da**?”, my  teacher called my seatmate. “Ma’am root top!”, she comically answered.  Surprised that a joke will be cracked in the middle of a serious discussion, we all laughed like crazy while my poor teacher was fuming with anger. Lol. Oh…high school life!  (By the way, that bully is now a lawyer.)

While writing this PFT post, I remembered this “root top story.”   I think it’s a good excuse for my failure. I aimed to hit the sky but I hit the tree top.   I declared in my first Project Fit and Toned post that my target weight by December 2012 is 100 lbs. I failed.   On the day of my wedding, I weighed 110 lbs. I fell short of my target. However,  I am not that frustrated because I still lost weight.  I lost 12 lbs.  The change in my physique is not that dramatic but it is noticeable.  The best compliment during my wedding was “Nagpabelo ka?” lolz.  

June 2012

bulging tummy...eeek

December 2012 (Taken during our honeymoon)

feelingera ako period

I do not follow a very strict diet.  I still eat the food that I want  but I do it in moderation. I do not regularly go to the gym but I always  walk and run and beat the bundy! And I seldom eat at night.  That's all.  I know I did not exert too much effort to attain my target body.  I still have 2013, right?  I hope by the end of 2013, I will  hit the sky…and no gravity, force or whatsoever would hinder it.
Thanks for reading!  Let's all be beautiful (physically and spiritually) this 2013!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meet my Ex boyfriend

I am back! Lately, I’ve been busy with work (echos) and with wedding related matters. That's why I took a leave of absence from blogging.   

I am already a missis.  It has been exactly a month since we tied the knot.  So far, ang sarap ng buhay may asawa.  I hope and pray that this “ang sarap ng buhay may asawa” stage would last forever.  But, I must admit that we are still on the adjustment phase.  I know exactly that if I don’t bend (straighten is the right term) a little, our marriage will be a mess.  As per my  friend Karen Ann,  everyday I need to choose him.  Everyday I need to choose us.  Everyday, I need to choose our marriage.  That is why every morning, I do my best to start his day by  saying  “Good morning baby! Breakfast is ready”.  Ang hirap nun ah.  On his part, he tries his best to lessen his OCness.  
Have you seen my ex-boyfie already?  Hmmm… I think I haven’t posted a single picture.  Guys, meet my husband…I’m  comfortable calling him boylet though.

the one with the "groom" placard.... obvious?


with my friends vida (in red) and shayne (in purple)

with my cute pamangkins, francine (left) and baba (right)
with my bffs (from left to right) joan, karen, lai and gnet...  where's dachie?

our photo booth pics

feeling beautiful me with  MUA Andreu Ariola (in black) and hairstylist Bogie Cansino (in blue)

I just grabbed these pics from my friends. Official photos will be out soon.  Thanks for reading guys!