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Monday, February 11, 2019

Chasen's Kitchen: Spicy Tuna Carbonara (Filipino Style)

As you may have noticed, I changed my blog name from  blahblahblogchef to Chasen Dreams (Chasing Dreams) though the url is still the same.  Why did I name it blahblahblogchef? What was I thinking?Lol. It’s supposed to be a food blog of a chef wannabe but then it evolved  into a whatever-enters-my-mind blog.  However, my love for food and cooking has not changed.  I am still passionate about preparing food for my family.  I still dream to cook not just for my family… to make money from my passion.  When I retire,  I will  open  a cafeteria  na medyo konti lang ang tao para hindi ako mapagod.  Besides, I will retire to pursue my passion not to get tired. Lol. 

Now, I’m gonna share the recipe of my future bestseller.  It’s actually the recipe of my friend. I just tweaked it to match my taste.


½ kg                      Pasta (I used Penne)
1 can                     Luncheon Meat (I used Delimondo)
1 420g                  Century Tuna Hot and Spicy
1 250ml                Nestle Cream
1 410g                  Carnation Evaporated Milk
1 can                     Mushroom
1                           Onion (chopped)
2 cloves                Garlic (minced)
1                            Red bell pepper (julienned)
                              Parsley (chopped)
1tbsp                     Butter
                              Olive Oil
                              Cheese (grated)


1.    Cook the pasta according to package instructions. Set aside.
2.       In a separate pan, heat the butter and put the olive oil.  Saute the garlic, onion and bell pepper until fragrant.  Add the tuna flakes, then add the luncheon meat and mushroom. 
3.       Put in  the evaporated milk, nestle cream and  tuna water. Let it boil.
4.       Add the chopped parsley, salt and pepper.  
5.       Let it boil for  one minute.
6.       Turn off heat.  Pour the sauce on the pasta.
7.       Top it with cheese and lots of love.  Enjoy!



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